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    Hi All, has anyone ordered the A3 Saloon. Been down today to our local dealer and we were impressed with the Edition 1 spec and AP amount.

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    72 dudes

    Not a fan of black wheels, but otherwise that looks gorgeous.

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    Have finally taken the plunge

    Ordered a3 saloon first edition 1.5 petrol auto in tango red.

    Tried out new golf(small boot,no buttons for climate etc)

    BMW 2 GB nice but a bit tight due to electric seats not going down as much as the audi and three pot engine a bit harsh

    16 weeks build time(Brexit permitting)so fingers crossed.

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    Menorca Mike

    Cooperman how much as the advance payment ? Was tango red extra cost ? Can you work heater de mist air con etc without touch screen ?

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Hi Cooperman,

    That spec in tango red really pops against the black parts of the car….I was close to ordering one myself!

    Nice choice.

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    Menorca Mike

    Phil she is gorgeous and the car looks lovely too

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Unfortunately, she wasn’t on the options list.

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    Has proper control for air con
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Buttons that click so you know you have done something  .no extra cost for paint</p>
    AP 2400 but you get electric seats, matrix headlights 12.5 inch and 10 inch screen cockpit plus puddle lights,interior light package,flat button steering wheel,19 inch alloys all black finish side skirts

    Overall I have looked at the golf r line

    Nice car but no buttons everything goes through touchscreen, I hade golf gtd previously and the new golf interior does not seem as good

    I was tempted by the bmw 2 series gc

    Nice car but for me a little tight for headroom with electric seats (manual seats go a bit lower) also most of my mileage is town based so 1.4 three pot may not be the best for me.

    The a3 saloon has a longer boot suitable for wheelchair so in the end I chose this and will look forward to march .

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    Hi guys. I’m thinking of getting the A3 Saloon. As I’m under 25 there is only one variant I can get it’s the A3 Saloon 30 TFSI S Line in Auto transmission. That’s all fine by me the only concerns i have are the AP which is £2799 and the other concern is I have called around most Audi Motability dealers in the UK and hardly any of them have any stock. They said next year at the earliest for delivery. One dealer has one in stock but it’s got extras on it and the AP rises to over £4000. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Where you based Mark ?tamworth staffordshire had 2 in stock (last week )

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    If you can’t track down stock cars via Audi, many dealers advertise what they have on Autotrader.

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    @Paul – I’m based in Birmingham but can travel canywhere within the UK. I did cal Stafford and they said one of them is a demonstrator now and the other has 1800 miles on it so not sure if that can be on the scheme?

    – Yes that’s exactly what I’ve I’ve doingg for the last week. Really am struggling to find one except for the £4000 ap one. It has a lot of extras but the AP is too much. I asked if they could negotiate but they said they cannot. My only hope now is maybe a grant? But hoping the car is not sold by then

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    Mark, realistically – choose another car. You can’t get a car on the scheme that has been already registered. And to get a grant, you’d have to prove that an A3 saloon is the only car that meets your disability needs.

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