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      On my last car 2014 Citroen C3 Picasso it was serviced every year without fail on time and I also got Motability to cough up for the 5th year service.


        I’m a high mileage user compared to most. My Kuga went back just over 5 years old and 106k miles on the clock.

        Never had a single issue with motability paying for anything. I never contacted motability in fact.

        Whenever I wanted a service or had an issue I rang a Ford dealer and they took the car in. I picked which Ford dealer on a whim depending on what suited me and never had issues with any.

        Motability paid for pretty much anything the dealer said without issue. Even paid for the dealer to change my tyres instead of kwik fit and they where still legal.

        You cant blame motability for manufacturers making a longlife service interval. The lease covers manufacturer servicing so it meets that. If you want more services then you cant expect them to pay.

        If you consider your car has an issue thats a different matter , if the dealer won’t sort it go elsewhere or complain to motability.


        Leon Carter

          Why not all use longlife oil and the ones that do the oil quality is managed by the cars electronics and will inform when it does need changing.

          Mine is serviced yearly at 10k miles or 12 months which ever comes sooner, it is well looked after by me with spotless paintwork and low mileage, whoever buys it after I return it will get a good buy.

          Like everything you do your research ask the right question etc motability car buying is no different from any other in that respect and yes there are some bad ones out there but no different to the car market in general that too has bad apples.

          But as I say if you do the research good buys can be had as they are generally well maintained and as the managing dealer is being paid to maintain it there is no reason why they would skip on service schedule’s or repairs and indeed by viewing the V5 you have a good idea wo maintained it and again do your research on that dealer.

        Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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