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      As my Motability lease contract extension for another two years technically started on Friday just gone, I casually entered my car reg number into ‘askMId’ to ensure the RSAM insurance had been extended as well.

      It hadn’t! My car was showing as having no insurance!

      I thus rang RSAM early on Friday morning, who said it couldn’t happen, then checked on their system and agreed the insurance had expired! (I initially got told not to worry as I have 7 days to renew it? – whatever that was about I never got to the bottom of).

      Anyway, RSAM spoke to Motability whilst I was still on the phone, and I was told that the lease extension had not been ‘finalised’ on the system, but had been done now. I was told my insurance had now been extended to November 2020 and I would receive a cover note in the post shortly.

      Well sods law, on Friday night, my car triggered an ANPR camera on a Police car so I was pulled in. I showed the Officer my lease extension letter and the now expired insurance certificate and showed him the proof of the phone call to RSAM on my mobile. Being disabled and in a Motability car, he took pity but said to get it sorted out asap, else the car could be impounded.

      Anyway, I have just checked on askMId and it is still showing as having no insurance!

      Does anyone know how long it takes to update askMId? or when askMId is actually updated – is it a ‘live’ service?

      I am driving down from Yorkshire to London early on Tuesday morning and foresee getting constantly pulled over. Not even having a cover-note yet is also a worry as I have no actual proof of insurance.

      Am I better off speaking to Motability and/or RSAM in the morning? Any other helpful suggestions?



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        Just a quick PS to the above, if anyone else here has recently extended their Motability contract, it is worth checking on ‘askMID’ (the Motor Insurance Database) to make sure your insurance has been extended along with the vehicle contract:

        askMID website here:

        Also, ensure your vehicle is taxed here:

        Check MOT status here:



          Hi Mike

          If a lease extension has been agreed, you will always be covered. Whilst the car may not show on the motor insurance database (MID), the physical vehicle is insured, due to Motability have a fleet policy. If you ever had a serious issue – for example the police had threatened to seize the car – you can be provided with proof of indemnity by RSA Motability (RSAM), either over the phone or in writing.

          Should you ever notice a discrepancy with your vehicle insurance, tax or MOT status, the best thing to do is to call Motability Customer Services on 0300 456 4566 to raise the issue, as they can log it and then speak to the necessary team on your behalf (or transfer you if needed). There’s no harm in speaking with the insurance company directly either by calling 0300 037 3737, but I’d recommend speaking with Motability first.

          As for MID being updated, this is controlled by RSAM once they are notified of the extension by Motability. Timeframes vary between insurers, but on the Scheme it is normally the following working day from the point the extension is processed Motability’s end.

          As the issue was resolved (the extension ‘finalised’) on Friday, your car probably won’t be re-added to the MID until Monday or Tuesday (19-20 Nov).

          Use the car as you need to, you’ll be fine. On the off-chance that you get pulled again, call Motability from the roadside and they’ll advise that you are covered. Effectively, if you are in an agreed lease (or lease extension), you are always covered, as the insurance is an inclusive part of a Motability lease and cannot be cancelled.

          Please note that being on the MID is not proof of insurance. Equally, not being on the MID is not proof of being uninsured. Police rely on if a bit too religiously sometimes, because it’s right 99% of the time, but it is just a tool at the end of the day.

          Hope this helps and gives you some reassurance.



            That’s terrible luck Mike, but very fortunate you called RSAM that morning!

            I’ve had a google on updating Askmid, and it seems different providers & brokers will have different process leading to different lead times for the system to be updated.

            My advice would be to check again in the morning, and if not updated, phone RSAM and ask them to email a copy of the cover note to you. They should be able to do this immediately and at least then you can print it off and you’ve got yourself proof of insurance. Even if you have no printer you have a digital copy as proof.

            Keep us updated.


              Thanks Oracle.

              Your posting is enlightening.

              I just like things to be correct, and it was a shock to find it maked as ‘not insured’ on MID.

              As you say, the police do seem to rely on it as it triggered the ANPR camera on top of the police car. The policeman was showed me how it worked and the ‘horn’ which sounds when a car which isn’t insured or taxed or it is of police interest is caught by the camera.

              For peace of mind I will speak with Motability in the morning, to double confirm and hopefully get either a covernote or certificate of Insurance e-mailed or even posted to me tomorrow, so at least I have proof that I am insured.

              Ringing them  at the roadside is okay, but I was pulled in at 23.20hrs on Friday night, with no one to contact at that time of the night.



                Well a short update before we set off on the drive down to Heathrow.

                I did ring both Motability and RSAM yesterday, who both seperately confirmed my vehicle was insured. The lady at Motability said it had been passed to the underwriters on Friday (god knows why as I have never had a claim or anything)  and she said askMID should be updated sometime yesterday as it allegedly takes ’48 working hours’ whatever they are.  They also said a covernote was ‘in the post’ hence could not fax or e-mail it to me.

                They said if I get stopped, to get the Police to ring them to confirm insurance – not exactly great if stopped outside of their working hours!

                Well, I have just checked askMID again this morning prior to setting off for Heathrow and it shows my vehicle as not being insured!

                To say I am disappointed with them is rather an understatement.

                We are flying out on a short break this evening  (leaving the car in meet & greet parking @ LHR) so will check whilst I am away.

                Bearing in mind it is Motability’s fault (the employee who actioned the lease extension back in early October did not fully complete the extension on their system, hence the insurance was not extended) if it has not been updated when we return on Sunday then a formal complaint will be submitted as this situation is totally unacceptable.


                Avatar photoLee Bengough

                  I rang RSA a week before my 3 year lease was due to expire as I hadn’t received my Cover note they hadn’t received anything from Motability to tell them my lease had been extended another 2 years so they rang Motability whilst I was on the phone to them got the extension confirmed and the car stayed as insured on it’s 3rd anniversary on MID and has done since


                    In my healthier days I had a new Audi Quattro and it had a private plate I swapped myself through DVLA.


                    I got pulledon tbe M3 as th traffic cop said the Rev was still showing the old car.


                    I said it cant be as I had all the paperwork.


                    Then the officer admitted he just wanted a look at such a nice car.

                    Did give me a shock.


                    But im glad he wasn’t a jobsworth and tried to take the vehicle.


                    I alwaya check my disability tax etc has been updated. Just incase. ??

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