Ask Motability when the Tesla 3 is coming on the scheme.

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    Tesla model 3 is coming to the UK in early May, exact costs have not yet been released but will be within Motabilities guidlines for an auto.

    By all accounts it is a very very good car so why shouldn`t we be able to get one?

    If interested why not contact Motability and ask the question, i will be.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Yes I think that about Tesla’s these days.

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    Tesla at insurance group 48 and 50 there’s no way of motability having them on the scheme i think that insurance group 29 is the highest they will tolerate that is why the Abarth turismo is not on the scheme as that is group 30.

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    Diane Joseph

    Went is the tesla coming to  Mobility, I am very interested.

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    72 dudes

    Oh god, I give up. 😁

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    We might see a special offer model X on in January with £500 to  help us in the snow 🤪

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    Now there’s a car, massive.

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    72 dudes: Wait, does that mean it’s NOT coming onto the scheme? 😂.

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    There’s no way we’ll see Tesla on the scheme for years, if ever!

    Motability is basically a clearing house, they negotiate “deals” then hopefully secures profit between our payments & the residual at 3 years.

    Tesla currently sell every car they make, easily.

    Tesla won’t negotiate, why would they? Everything sells immediately.

    Before we get to price, power cap, insurance it just cones down to we don’t negotiate, we can’t satisfy our demand let alone motability too.

    Also I’ll throw this out too, there’s not a good nationwide network for service/support so additional costs could end up being lumbered on motability or customers not being able to get their vehicles repaired.

    Imho I’d forget looking for Tesla to come on & use motability payment to find it yourself of you’re so desperate for one.

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    Plus the quality is awful.
    varioys polls put it at the bottom of reliability lusts, from leaking seals to rear door handles not working and trapping people in the back

    not good

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    Hmm, maybe time to change the thread headline to:

    “When in the 2040s will the Tesla 3 be coming on the scheme”


    “If you want a Tesla 3, put your PIP/DLA etc., money towards a Tesla lease”


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    every time i see this thread reappear  i get excited thinking tesla  is coming on even though i now its not ever coming on

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    Tesla invests to improve aftersales support in the UK

    Tesla expanded its UK dealer network to 25 sites during 2020 and plans further network growth in 2021.

    It represents a U-turn on company founder Elon Musk’s 2019 declaration that Tesla would close all its showrooms in favour of an online-only sales model.

    The latest strategy follows reports of Tesla’s value reaching a record £516 billion, making it worth more than Toyota, VW, Hyundai, GM and Ford combined.

    Six new Tesla locations were opened across the UK in 2020, with new showrooms appearing in Newcastle, Winchester, Gatwick, Belfast, Birmingham and Chelmsford.

    A new site in Glasgow is also poised to open this year.

    The Californian car maker says it has boosted its aftersales operation significantly and now has 15 service locations across the country, with more than 300 service team members.

    This has led to a 130% increase in available service appointments and a 60% reduction in waiting times for appointments, according to the brand.

    Tesla says it can reduce the time vehicles need to be in a workshop using remote diagnosis and can perform a service four times faster than conventional garages, enabling it to operate with a smaller footprint.

    The brand achieved almost 25,000 registrations during the year, outperforming established brands such as Fiat, Mazda, Porsche and Suzuki.

    Its Model 3 topped UK monthly sales charts twice during the year – once in April and then in December.

    The vast majority of sales are the Tesla Model 3 – Tesla insiders suggest the Model 3 accounts for approximately 90% of UK Tesla sales YTD. That makes the Model 3 the UK’s best-selling battery electric vehicle (BEV), and the UK’s second best-selling compact executive model behind the BMW 3 Series.

    Tesla’s UK Supercharger network also grew during 2020 with the addition of 180 new chargers in 20 locations, bringing the total to more than 600 chargers in 70 locations.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Let’s all bombard telsa and mobility with letters, emails and petitions to get the tesla on the mobility scheme. Haha

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    We cannot get a Golf GTD or GTi on the scheme nevermind a Tesla 😁

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    Can’t even get a Polo GTi on scheme! Suspect there is probably one person who holds the secret to getting Tesla on to Motability, problem is he’s locked inside the back of one trying to get out!

    Send ID3 to rescue him?

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    Elton musk the owner of tesla has recently become the world’s richest man….. surely he could see it in his heart to give us disabled folks a free one as a good will gesture!! 🙂

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    Over the next few years we are ALL going to be choosing electric cars – I’d rather choose one from a Manufacturer that is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions by producing ONLY electric cars like Tesla, than Manufacturers paying lip service to the need while still pushing their ICE offerings.
    The big firms should have seen this revolution coming YEARS ago and invested in electric technologies and battery development.  Sadly, I think this lack of forethought is going to result in the demise of many well known Car Brands we currently know and love. There are LOADS of new companies springing up investing BILLIONS in EV’s.

    Come on Motability, get with the crowd, start talking to Tesla and lets gets them on the scheme!

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    We will not “ALL be choosing electric cars” Adrian.  They will be forced on us.  No one ever asked the motorist to choose. And I’m not sure being dedicated to reducing Carbon emissions comes before making a profit.

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    I would not have one given me. Hands up all disabled people who want the most unreliable brand?

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    There’s a lot to said for choosing a car from one of those companies who have many decades of experience of making cars, rather than one made by a multi-billionnaire hobbyist.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Should a dedicated EV manufacturer join the Scheme it will no doubt be coming out of China and not California.

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    Most likely to be a BYD too, from that company that started life making batteries using technology stolen from Sony and Sanyo, such is the Chinese way!

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    It’ll never happen

    1/ they all sell

    2/ Motability Operations will continue to concentrate on sourcing & procuring EV’s, as a key stakeholder & player in the current policy / legislation to move to EV’s.

    3/ the ‘Mail’ would have an absolute field day if a Tesla was in the scheme

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