Are you still fit to drive? will you know when your not?

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    Are you still fit to drive and will you know when your not?

    I live across from a fantastic couple who are both mid 80’s.

    The husband does most of the driving but I have noticed a big difference in his outward appearance, now being a bit unsure on his feet with a lack of sharpness in his speech..

    He puts his car in the garage every night and reverses it out every morning. He used to leave it in his drive then go back and close the garage door however he has started reversing in to the middle of the street gets out, leaves his door open and goes back to close the garage door.

    He also doesn’t notice me when he drives past me where as he always gave a wave and a pump of the horn.

    So when do you know when its time to give up?

    I know I’m not the same driver I was ten years ago, how about you?

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    He also doesn’t notice me when he drives past me where as he always gave a wave and a pump of the horn

    lol he does, he is just thinking to himself. “oh no its that nosy neighbour again, always seems to be judging me , cheek i’ve be driving since before he was born, i couild show him a thing or too”

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    Reversing into the middle of the road and leaving the car blocking the road for others, sounds like he’s just trying to be trendy like the young ones in his old age.😊

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    js lol that made me laugh

    brydo i dont think there will be many people admit  they are not fit to drive unless the dr says you cant drive for a medical reason ,  it would take away our independence and freedo m , i dont know how id manage using taxis and buses .   we all think we are good no great drivers no matter our age , it seems to be others that notice .

    my family especially my wife tends to notice my mistakes and tell me on a regular  basis …

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    Brydo do you lie in bed night dreaming about what you can post on this forum the next day. Between this and some other posts especially the dating suggestion I really think you should think twice about what you post and if it is relevant. I actually found the disabled dating suggestion offensive.

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    what is disabled dating

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    Sorry Simon no offence intended on either thread.



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    Absolutely martinod no one wants to admit any reduction in their capabilities, me included, but when would the right time be to admit your a wee bit of a danger to yourself and others. I don’t have the answer but like most activities ageing brings incremental decline not noticeable on a day to day basis.


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    On the dating thing, I had suggested on the “off topic” section that wmcforum could set up a dating app for disabled people. Loads of people are lonely, disabled or not, and company is needed for everyone. So I thought allowing people to get in touch with each other could be a help to those wanting to meet or chat with others.

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    no offence meant  but as a stand up comic (as a hobby ) i can resist it ,

    a disabled dating app , is that an app that doesn’t work right (im here all night )


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    Don’t give up your day job 🤩

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    Donkey Oatie

    When I was a kid, an old boy across the road reversed out of his drive, lost control, hit the throttle and torpedoed the wall next to me. A few years ago a friend of the family went to get their car from the supermarket car park to pick up his wife at the entrance, again panic and full throttle, unfortunately he killed his wife.

    Maybe regular driving capability test after 70

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    D. O it was a serious question I was asking and your experiences show just how serious it is. Many people drive when way past safe to do so. So maybe as you suggest there should be regular tests once you hit 70.

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    Why 70, Brydo?  Something happen to people at 70?

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    Your right wigwam so maybe 69 years 240 days what about that age?

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    A bit personal Rox don’t you think?

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    Rox there was nothing personal in the post about the elderly couple. He’s asking a question which should be asked as some people won’t give up their license when they are required to do so, example, I’ve had two driving bans due to ICD going off and it was up to me to tell the DVLA, not a medical professional.

    I’m 44 and will lose my license and probably my life before most on this forum so I feel that this question is very relevant.

    oh and the passive aggressive behaviour disorder, really. Catch yourself on.

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    The question is clear and it is a question, the couple across the road are a fantastic couple who I’ve known for over thirty years and we are close enough for me to worry they may not be as safe to drive as they once were. They are both mid eighties and clearly not as young as they once were so I am concerned.

    In your post you make out that I am trying to stop people driving and, or working, both are not true. I never mentioned work so not sure where you got that from. You also suggest that I am deciding when people should stop driving absolute bollocks. Read the question!

    You’ve opened the door to personal insults which I assume will be dealt with by the mods and rightly so.

    Maybe instead of criticising the threads people post you should start some threads yourself as, as far as I can make out, all you do is hijack threads and criticise.


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    Since I first pasted my test Iv always said you should have to re site your driving test every 10 years to endure you a re able to drive

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    Martinod I think it’s highly unlikely that we would be able to know/admit when we were beyond being safe enough to drive. So a test would be the fairest way to tell.

    I think we would all agree that if you are not safe to drive you shouldn’t be on the road.

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    Brydo, my aunt, who is now 100, gave up driving about 8 years ago. For some years she had only been driving on short local journeys to meet and socialise with friends who themselves no longer drove and to go to local shops. She was well aware of her limitations and discussed them with me and her daughter.  She had no accidents or incidents but concluded it was time for her to give up the car.  This is a woman who is a very experienced driver who drove ambulances during WWII.

    I say this because I do not agree with your assertion that people are unable to know/admit when they should no longer be driving.

    Forcing driving tests on people simply because they have reached a certain age will undoubtedly cause some of those people to give up their licences and reduce their mobility to avoid the ordeal of sitting a test.  This in my view would be very wrong.

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    Wigwam fantastic to hear about your aunt knowing her driving capabilities when she is in her nineties, I’m not sure how many would be in the same position at that age.

    I don’t have the answer to this question but its a question that needs to be asked.


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    A good example of this situation ie people openly admitting they have to stop driving as they may become a danger to themselves would be the Glasgow bin lorry driver who killed 6? People

    he had a similar condition to mine and like me it was left up to him to inform DVLA, he didn’t and as a result 6 people died.

    sadly not everyone can or will make the decision to say NO i need to stop.

    No one should be told what to do ever, but sadly some should be told

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    It is a very difficult question to answer definitively.

    wigwam highlighted his aunt who discussed her reduced capabilities with him while continuing to drive, before she decided to stop. How would wigwam feel if his aunt had killed someone during this time. He is caught between stopping her driving, and therefore limiting her mobility and agreeing she should continue to drive with reduced capabilities. This is a situation I would not want to be confronted with. Luckily we have only one family member in their eighties who is still driving and he is as “bright as a button”, as my granny used to say.

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    It is a very difficult question to answer definitively.

    So, maybe a polite suggestion, stop trying to answer it.

    Concentrate on yourself, and if you have genuine concerns about the state of someone’s driving, either try and have a friendly chat with them, or in extreme circumstances, you have the option of reporting your concerns directly with DVLA.

    All the hypothetical rhetoric is doing is going round in circles and upsetting some people on here!

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    Intranicity if you look back over the thread you will find the members being upset are the very same members that regularly get upset on threads.

    I will put this thread to bed and comment no more, but if we cant discuss difficult topics, like grown adults, this Forum will be a lesser place for it.

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