Are you a smoker or Vaper.??

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    Having been free from the stinkies for 1 year and 3 days not that I’m counting ??and have been vaping ever since has anyone else made the switch and what made you do it.

    For me was my health with the constant coughs and colds and everything else that went with it and the good thing to come out of it is my cough has disappeared and my health has generally improved plus our bank balance has swollen to the degree our new Tig does not cost anything as that’s  what I would of spent on the stinkies.

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    Gave up the smokes 5 years last November, was on 30 day and been smoking for 28 years – one evening the missus and i were puffing away and she said she was bored of it and shall we give up. We finished our cig, went to bed, and that was it, haven’t smoked since. It was e-cigs that had just come on to the market back then, but we took patches, then they kept falling off, so just went cold turkey tearing strips off each other for months on end, but got through it…… still have the odd urge now and again, but come to far now to go back.

    We piled on a few pounds though, and it’s more difficult to lose weight then to give up smoking we’ve found, but we’ll get there, we certainly feel a lot more better for it, sense of smell has returned… and i now like carrots! lol

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    Full respect To you and Mrs Trev as I tried patches and had to use plasters to keep them on however they did’nt work for me,but I think I’m just destined to have a dummy in my mouth as I was an avid cigarette smoker and gave them up in 1988 never touched one since,but went onto miniature cigars instead in 1990 smoking 10 a day until 27/03/17 and now vaping.

    Taste buds are wonderful never knew I had so many,but I do have to watch to a certain degree to what I eat as the pounds seem to like me.

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    Hi Everyone

    I gave up smoking in 1992, when I was smoking 40 a day, and the price of a pack was in excess of £2.00. I used sugar free mints as a substitute, and then after about three to four months of using the mints, i stopped them and have been smoke free ever since.

    I agree that the urge did affect in the early years, but now after so many years it is fine. I did put on some four stone in weight, but I have now removed that thank goodness.


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    I enjoy a drink at the weekend. The odd glass of wine, maybe a Keo or Peroni beer and definitely a small single malt, so I have my vices, but I have never ever smoked!

    I’ve probably got pink lungs, but in an old and knackered body!

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    This is a good thread BB, nice to see we weren’t alone torturing ourselves and piling on the pounds. And like Pops, smoke or not, we all end up the same way, old and knackered! lol

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    So true.?

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    When  I was still Smoking I bought 60 marlbro lights a day, did not smoke that many I was quite generous with them, but well over 40 a day.  My son gave me his vape as he could not get on with it. it had 18 mg of nicotine and I used it for a few weeks but was still smoking about 10 fags a day as well. I went up to the highest amount of nicotine, cut out the fags but was sucking on the vape like a dummy 18 hours a day. I kept cutting down the mg of nicotine every three weeks or so and got down to 4mg. But still using it like a dummy. We go to Pembrokeshire to our caravan in the summer for 6 weeks, so I got stocked up with the fluid and extra batteries enough to last me. while we were there I fell asleep and when I woke I had rolled over and broke the vape. so the next morning I was there holding two wires and trying to get a drag from a broken vape (you know like an addict getting a fix) I realised just how stupid  I looked, put it in the bin and have never smoked or vaped since that was five years ago. So for me I dont think I would ever have stopped if it was not for the vape.

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    I started smoking cigars at 18 then smoked a pipe for a couple of years. Circa 25 I started cigarettes and smoked around 20 a day for the next 30 years. Following several overseas holidays each year for a couple of years I accumulated enough duty free I didn’t have to buy cigarettes for over a year. When I did start buying again I was shocked by the price and decided to try vaping, I have vaped for a number of years now and find it better because a) it is cheaper b) it is not as detrimental to my health and c) I don’t smell like an ashtray anymore. I know there is still a big debate whether vaping has inherent health issues however all studies I have seen (with the exception of a couple funded by tobacco companies) indicate vaping to be in the region o 95%+ safer than cigarettes. I will continue to vape as I enjoy it, I still get my nicotine hit and it has no adverse effects on those around me.

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