Are Large Advance Payments An Unnecessary Waste Of Our Money

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    Are large advance payments an unnecessary waste of our money.

    As we all know there’s lots of different cars with various advance payments,

    I was thinking about how many advance payments iv have paid on the cars iv had on the scheme and from when i started on it 30 plus years ago , averaging between £2000 and £3500 each time most of the time my reason for cars with that size of AP was because they were larger cars mostly people carries like  VW SHARAN ,

    What did I get , yes a suitable sized cars but was it worth the AP,  I don’t  know,

    that’s a lot of money over the years just to get about , would i have been better taking a cheapper or nil AP  car and tried to manage with it and saved the AP each time. After the 3 years I had nothing to show for it and still had to try and save up the money for AP on the new car.

    It does make me wounder

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    The choice is entirely yours. Plenty vehicles with nil AP to choose from. Do you really need that Sharan? could you manage just as well in something cheaper?

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    We had no choice.

    Our disabilities mean we need things like power tailgate, parking camera, all-round parking sensors, power seats etc. That, like it or not, means a hefty AP – it’s gone up signifiantly with each car. See reply footer.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale (2019-old shape) 1.5 petrol auto AWD. AP £2,395 + £199 for 4-way 80kg hoist.

    Previous Motability cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto. AP £95. No adaptations.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto. AP £795 inc. basic hoist.

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    fortunateley at the moment i dont need a huge vehicle that will take scooters/walkers etc so i have been able to finesse the ap with the gcb and dealers discounts/cashback so i havent had to pay out of my pocket for any of the motability cars. the first a citroen c4 grand piccasso auto the ap was covered by the part ex for my last private car, then the 3dr mini cooper 7 chilli auto the ap was covered by the dealer cashback and the latest a mini countryman cooper s auto the £785 ap was again discounted £500 dealer cont/cashback and the prorata gcb £400. so a net gain.

    had i gone full term with the mini 3dr i may have pushed the boat out for a bmw i3 but other than that i cant think of anything that i would be prepared to dig deep for and pay a huge ap.

    but i may just be tight lol.


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    In reality we only need an automatic car capable accommodating my small mobility scooter, in reality we could easily get away with a zero AP Motability car, however we tow a caravan plus Brydo has made me all environmentally friendly so I am going for an Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with an AP of £1699, and hopefully I will receive a £600 good condition bonus, so an outlay of £1099.

    But I understand were you are coming from when the Outlander previously had an AP of £3750 we discounted it entirely.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    I’ve changed from relying upon my stupidly heavy & bulky Otto Boch B500 wheelchair to managing with the Foldawheel pw-1000xl, so my requirements in a car this time round may allow for some savings (2017 Alhambra £1500, 2014 C4 GP £1800).

    Alas I really want to go full electric so I’ll end up paying a premium for Motability’s inability to think three years ahead when 3 year old diesel cars will be worthless whilst demand for 3 year old electric cars will outdistance the supply by a large margin.


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    Unfortunately I’m also one who’s disability dictates the type of car I have and also the fact of paying a premium for the auto gearbox.

    It’s a learning curve for me starting from when I was first disabled 12 years ago with a standard hatchback car but struggled more and more with mobility as I became weaker and weaker over time but kept with the hatchback because of its low AP.

    With my second hatchback I started to use a pavement scooter and the World sudden changed for the better for me except it was a Pig getting the scooter in it’s five part breakdown into the car due to the design of the hatch door.

    Moved on to the third and final low AP hatchback and everything seemed fine for awhile with the nice big hatch door but it was still being a big problem getting all those parts of my scooter into the car and my carer wife was starting to struggle with it too, hence, the last of the low AP hatchbacks for me.

    Moving to an MPV has made everything perfect as far as mobility is concerned except of course it has come at a price, a price up from £500 to £600 AP to the current cars AP of of £1,700 and these prices don’t include the adaption to the car that cost me around £500 a time.

    I really do struggle with that sort of AP price for a suitable car plus adaptions but I’m going to try and bury my pride with the next car and investigate getting a grant but for me its been a decade of learning how to deal with my disability and I’ve found it’s easy to deal with if you have money.

    If I knew then what I know now I could of bought my own MPV back then and saved a fortune over the years in AP but think to myself I would have been stuck for sure with an unsuitable car had I choose wrongly and how my disability would change me so at least with Motability it’s only 3 years until I can correct my mistakes.😁

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    Speaking as someone who can currently cope with a ‘regular’ car that only needs to carry 2 adults, a cat basket and a folded down manual wheelchair I think the question of having to pay large APs for vehicles and adaptations we need (as opposed to want) is not so much “an unnecessary waste of our money” so much as ‘unfair’?  Having to accommodate some conditions clearly penalises some people more than others.





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    I think one change that Motability could make (which they are in fact currently doing) is to pay the GCB to the customer before the customer needs to pay the Advance Payment on their next vehicle (or even find some way of it crediting to the dealer on delivery day – to be confirmed by PIN input). Then as a minimum that is £600 to help towards the AP (or upto £900 if one has extended the current contract up to 5 years).

    It maybe a small amount to some people, but to others it could be the difference between having their chosen vehicle or not. Particularly if they don’t have, or are unable to borrow the money short term for the AP, or if they don’t have a credit card (or the dealer doesn’t accept credit cards) which can be repaid on receipt of the GCB.

    It is a small change to the current t&c’s, but as Motability seem willing to do it at the moment, it could help any number of customers in the future.

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    I suppose it is very much personal judgement as regards whether anything is worth the price. Over the years we have had a variety of vehicles at different APs depending on need and budget. Our first Motability vehicle had a high AP of about £1500 but that was paid for (and more) from our last ‘private’ car. On one occasion we picked up our new vehicle having paid circa £1000 AP, only to find out just a couple of days later that the AP had been cut in the new quarter to £250. I was not happy but managed to reach agreement with Motability for a refund.

    Our current car (which we got about a year ago) we are very unhappy with for a number of reasons including being unsuitable for me. Unfortunately things were made a bit complex as on transfer to PIP I was given an award with an end date and as you have to have at least 1 year of an award to order a new vehicle this rushed our decision making. Within a fairly short time we realised we’d made a mistake and  there were faults on the car as well and we did find Motability very helpful and they would have let us order another vehicle but by then my award had under a year to run. Then I had to go through a time consuming PIP review process which started in September 2019 and I only had my decision letter last week!

    We (once we can) intend to hold Motability to the ‘guarantee’ they gave that we can change our car once I had a new award. I do have to say that we have found Motability to be extremely helpful and understanding when we have had dealings with them. When compared to other lease options the ‘extras’ included make the Motability deal competitive. It is also reassuring that if something changes (award, disability etc) they will be open to ending the lease early.

    As I said it is individual preferences as to what value we place on things. This is especially true of what might be called ‘peace of mind’ issues and how much money is meant by ‘large’. Personally, the cost of using the vehicle is a major issue, as the Motability contract covers virtually everything else! It would be pretty useless to have a ‘wonderful’ vehicle which we couldn’t afford to use.


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    It’s certain that you will not get the money back (it’s dead money imo) unless after 3 years you buy it outright. Every car i’ve had so far on the scheme has had an ap (highest so far £750) and sometimes it comes down to only a few options regarding my needs etc, which every 3 years increase.

    I was due to exchange back in april and this time the ap is the highest so far, although with the increase of the gcb to £600 from £250 and a £200 dealer contribution it’s not that much more than I’ve paid previously.

    Who knows if i’ll get it though, no joke it’s now been at the dealers for 3 months now.

    Personally the cars gotta meet your needs and for us that varies.. As i need an auto now, I have gone back to cars rather than an suv or mpv that higher. As the ap is not as high and i cannot afford to pay a really high premium Every 3 years.

    The max i will pay is around £250 per year which is £750 in total which is just over £20 a month.

    As soon as my new lease starts i start saving £20 a month..

    I do not add any options, so options i need like adaptive cruise control, needs to be standard as well.

    bmw , mercedes and alot of other makers do it as part of a pack some are £1500 for the pack alone. it how they make money. everything on the car i was getting is standard and not much can be added and all for less than £1500 for one driver assistance pack. which includes the acc. thats crazy imo.

    This time it was a choice of two cars and i only drove one and decided the other was to small as the battery was in the boot. plus you got to live with the car for 3 years. so is a huge decsion.. right now i have a golf and it has done ok. I’d not get one with same seats though.

    No car is perfect especally when you have long legs some higher ones are not easy to get into. It’s a trade off

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    I just wish there wasn’t such a large difference in AP for having a automatic gearbox as I only have a automatic license

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    I just wish there wasn’t such a large difference in AP for having a automatic gearbox as I only have a automatic license

    Think it’s about £600 to £1000 more for an auto than a manual transmission.

    Electric or hybrid cars all have autos. So maybe that’s a good thing. although when they go wrong they cost alot more to fix, but thats not our problem on the scheme.

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    You must be a tall girl rox.

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    You must be a tall girl rox.

    rox is a dude… he he he.. with a real bad back and many other issues. Once you sit on the seat it’s very hard in some cars to then swing your legs in without hitting the door pillar.. The more i have to bend them the more it hurts.. In some cars my seat is so far back no one wants to sit behind me. Many years ago i could not drive a fiesta or a mini without dropping the clutch as my knees would hit the steering wheel..

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    My bad rox, sorry.

    My eldest lad is 6′ 4″ and really struggles with cars. He’s currently got an Audi Q2 and has got his seat pushed back as far as it can go.


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    yeah it’s crazy really, how little room there is inside alot of cars legroom wise, my partners mum had a stroke and getting her bad leg in the car not easy for my partner at all and it look as if shes hurting her or gonna break it to get her in always the front, got no chance getting her in the back..

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    He struggles in my 4 series but not in my Grandland X or the wife’s X1.

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