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    First post so be gentle.

    I ordered a Volvo XC40 T3 auto R-Design in July and the ap was £2999, and I have just noticed it has gone down to £1299. The car was originally due for delivery Sept/Oct, but the last I heard it was now the end of Nov.

    Is there anything I can do to pay the new ap rather than the original?


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    Thanks so much for your replies . I have already made a formal complaint to motability but they won’t help at all . I can’t believe they told me I couldn’t reorder the same car as it was off the scheme but the dealer said he could ? Who do you believe and that shouldn’t happen. The dealer and motability both wanted me to get the car ASAP even though I was poorly and didn’t give a fig about me at all . I feel they have both let me down and am gutted . Unfortunately I put some extras on it or I may have thought of returning it . As for doing my homework on fuel consumption,I did ,I called a few dealers as it was a big concern and they all assured me it would be about 35 mpg normally ,I was even worried about that but it’s absolutely terrible and I only drive around our town about 30 mph . I will probably go to the financial ombudsman and see how I get on but I was definitely told by motability that when you sign to pay a certain AP then it can’t come down but it won’t go up either . I did say to her it couldn’t go up as it is the highest it could be . They are meant to be helping us not misleading us in to making the wrong decision. Thanks again very ugh I appreciate all the help and kindness

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    The dealer could have reduced the AP and you were within your rights to cancel right up to the point of putting your PIN number in.
    Then there’s nothing to stop you ordering another car without penalty, trouble is once you put the PIN number in you’ve excepted the car and the agreed AP is due.

    lots of people find dealers are willing to reduce AP if there is a reduced price in the next quarter but it’s down to the individual dealer, but normally pointing out you may cancel is enough to sway things, it’s only changing the motability order number. No big deal and the dealers not loosing anything bu doing it.

    Only you can decide, but you can still tell motability the car doesn’t suit you and you want to return it. You may have to pay, but plenty of others haven’t.

    look around and decide a different car or reduced AP suits your needs and place an order.

    Motability can only refuse if you’ve returned the max amount of vehicles in the past, so there for are no longer eligible for the scheme, but that is rare.

    As for the poor mpg, it should improve with time as the engine loosens up, but in reality short journeys aren’t going to give the best mpg.

    A hybrid or EV would be the most efficient got that.

    Maybe call motability again and ask to have a case manager as your unhappy with circumstances and your current health, good luck.

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    This is the response from the dealer. It looks like I won’t get my deposit back. They will be charged 2k for a cancelled order?

    . I have also spoken with Motability and they have advised the same John. We do not set the bar in regards to their advance payments as we are just an intermediary as we just supply the car we never get to own it at the end Motability does.

    Your order form dates the car to arrive in Nov as discussed before and it still has an ETA of November 29th at the moment. I can understand your frustration in regards to the payment going down. But it does go both ways John if the Advance payment say had risen over £2999 (me personally I would not expect you pay above that) but that is because the price change has happened in a new quarter.

    You have every right to cancel your order John, but I do not know where you stand in regards to your deposit, as the supplier Volvo has ordered the car and we will be charged £2000 for any cancelled order.

    I will however speak with Motability again on your behalf today and see if they can do anything.


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    I’ll be very surprised if they don’t come back to you saying on this occasion we will lower the AP blah blah blah.

    it’s something dealers can and do so nothing difficult bar changing a few numbers on a computer.

    If they come back and say no then if I were you I’d say can you try again, if we don’t here back within 24 hours we will cancel the car.


    obviously you don’t have to, but it adds a little more pressure as they surely want a happy customer.

    let’s hope they come back with good news.

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