Anyone thinking about diesel

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    Joe London

    Seen today, charges coming in, Its not clear if this is on new or older engines, or exactly when it will be implemented, but they are definitely coming..

    Diesel cars could face bans in peak hours in ‘nine or ten’ cities across England
    Daily charges would discourage drivers from entering the city centres
    In 25 other towns, commercial diesel vehicles, including lorries, coaches and taxis, could face bans and charges
    Cities include Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Nottingham and Derby
    Taxes will be announced next week by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom

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    So in the past 10 years Politicians repeatedly tell us buy diesel cars as they are better for the environment. Diesel car sales are stronger than ever and now they seek to tax diesel car drivers for being pollutants! This just shows how your regular scheming politician thinks about different ways to tax the general public, tell us to buy something as it’s good and when enough people jump on board tell them it’s actually bad so we are going to have to tax you more! Before long we will be taxed on the amount of air we breathe.

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    What I would like to know is in this list of diesel vehicles, are  buses,lorrys,taxis even ambulances to be penalised

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    Its an interesting point, in light of this happening, my question would be for those of us who may wish to change our diesel cars for a petrol, would motability allow us to re-order a new car and hand our diesel cars back early?

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    I’m going back to a petrol, after having two diesel cars.

    Getting a 1.4tsi VW Touran in next few weeks.


    Did think of getting a diesel again, but my mileage is lower now.

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    I’m going back to petrol as my mileage isn’t high enough to warrant diesel.

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    I wouldn’t want to be the government minister who introduces diesel bans or taxes on city access.

    This Autocar article shows that the number of diesel and petrol new car registrations have been almost equal recently. Given that this government were advocating diesel engines until a year or two ago, it would be politically suicidal to rip off voters who have taken their advice over previous years.

    The backlash would be considerable.

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    It is going to be older vehicles which are hit apart from if you buy an old black cab 🙂

    A date for the introduction of the ultra low emission zone in London has been announced by the capital’s mayor.

    From 8 April 2019, the most polluting cars, vans and motorbikes will have to pay £12.50 to drive through central London, while buses, coaches and HGVs will pay £100.

    London’s ultra low emission zone (ULEZ):
    Covers the same area as the existing congestion zone and will be in addition to the congestion charge
    Applies to petrol vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 standards and diesel vehicles that do not meet Euro 6 standards
    Will apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    Will not apply to residents living in the zone until April 2022
    Black taxis are exempt
    Replaces the £10 T-Charge which will apply for older cars entering the capital from October

    A  similar scheme for other UK cities will be unveiled soon.

    However, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have not confirmed when this will take place.



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    Joe London

    Cheers for that HM, I just hope the dont hike the duty on diesel, in the interim.. lol, black cabs exempt, they are the worst!!!

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    Diesel sales on the decline.

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