Anyone recently visited a SEAT Dealership? Ateca 2.0 TDI?

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    bit confused, my fiancee and me are trying to gather all the options currently to then visit all dealerships in one go (we live in the weeds, pretty long journey to visit certain dealerships), so we’d like to pre-plan what we intend to look at/sit in to reduce our shortlist. Here’s a confusing one.

    According to:

    they offer the 1.6l diesel with 115hp, and the 1.5 TSI with 150hp. So far, so good – that would rule the car out for us, since the 1.6l seems a bit unfit for the job, and the 1.5 TSI seems to be a disaster across the VAG range with problems reported in the T-Roc, Karoq, Kodiaq, Q2 etc (Kangarooing, flat spot in second gear etc).

    Now, the confusing part:

    When browsing the motability search engine, we stumbled across the 2.0l diesel in the Ateca, which isn’t shown on their website. Was anyone in a SEAT dealership recently and could point out which engines they’re offering and which ones they don’t? I messaged SEAT two days ago, nothing since, so just trying my luck here.



    edit: as a sidenote, i got bamboozled a few weeks back when a dealership showed an “older” version of a certain car on their website, in a trim that doesn’t exist anymore on the scheme – that’s why i’m asking if anyone could clarify on that.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Hi Rene

    personally I have no experience with Seat. However sometimes manufacturers are able to do a deal with Motability and at times some pre facelift models can reappear on the scheme (as was experienced with the Xtrial late 2017) somehow Nissan found available stock and dumped these on Motability as a first come first served basis on limited stock, as I say I can’t comment about Seat as I simply don’t know the answer but if previous stock has become available then as long as it was on Motability and had a VTN number attached to it there is no reason why it can not be made available again,

    This may answer another threads query too. the confusion comes when with the likes of VW etc they change the engine or alike, these changes result in a VTN number not being valid as a 1.4 is classed as a different model to a 1.5. Yet if it was last quarters stock with no major engine/model changes then it may well reappear.

    I Apologise this may not help as I’m not clued up on the Seat Models and may not be relevant, but if a dealer is able to find a stock or available vehichle that had a valid VTN then with Motability in agreement that vehicle can in some circumstances be made available.

    please bare in mind some dealerships websites can be out of date, and cross referencing the Motability car search VTN with the manufacturers UK website is probably the best indicator as availability.

    Individual vehicles that may well have become available due to a cancellation or found stock will either appear on the Motability car search or the dealership may be able to negotiate with Motability on an individual bases. (But it has to be model/engine pacific to the VTN)

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    thanks for the answer – SEAT just got back to me though.

    Dear Mr [..]

    Thank you for your recent contact regarding the SEAT ATECCA XCELLENCE LUX.

    I am happy to hear of your interest in this vehicle and I will be happy to further advise you.

    After having speaking to one of our Franchise Dealerships who have a Motability advisor onsite, they have advised me that what is showing as available on the SEAT website, it is the only availability for an order vehicle.

    I hope you find this information useful

    Thank you for contacting SEAT UK

    Kind regards”

    So, the motability webpage in this case shows the wrong information, at least according to this SEAT advisor. Sadly that also might rule out the Ateca altogether, since i really am a bit concerned in regards to the reliability of that 1.5 TSI engine.

    Just as an info for anyone who’s interested in the Ateca as well but got “lured in” by the 2.0 TDI that’s on the website, that offer doesn’t exist.

    Sidenote: kinda funny that the SEAT guy misspelled the name of the car, and “having speaking”.. Bit, underwhelmed by that, gotta admit.

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    I recall last year that many of the cars advertised on Motabiliy were not available in reality. This time around I started out by calling local dealers before test drives. Very frustrating.

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    Yeah, that’s where we’re at currently.

    It wasn’t intended to put blame on anyone either, it’s just intended as an information for people who’re looking at a 2.0 TDI Ateca (which would be understandable, that offer to me looks good).

    I’ll just stick with checking the lists that manufacturers provide, they’re usually accurate. Just in this case it was embedded in the webpage and not a seperate PDF like pretty much everyone else does, and that’s the problem i had when i was looking at a 3008 GT advertised roughly the same way, which turned out to be false information.

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    I’ve found the Seat dealers to be the most disinterested out of all the manufacturers I’ve met.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m intrigued as to why you think the 1.6tdi wouldn’t be up to the job? My Mrs used to have a Leon with the 1.6tdi& DSG few years ago. Never lacked in get up and go as regards everyday driving. Granted no track day car but…</p>

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    Not going to go into details here, but just very briefly:

    The Ateca is around 250kg heavier than the Leon. That means the Ateca empty already is the same weight as the Leon fully seated (+- a few kg). Apart from that, it’s noisy, and it runs rough (something that was also pointed out by Honest John). The mileage is great, i’m not disputing that at all – but while i don’t want a gas guzzler, i also would like a somewhat refined engine even if it means that i’ll get a little less mileage. The 1.6 isn’t that. It wouldn’t bother me if we were going for a base model Ateca, but the trim we’re looking at is the opposite end of the scale, and i’d instantly jump on it with the 1.5 TSI if that engine would.. well, work.

    We’re not looking for a track day car, we’re looking for an engine that has reserves to actually overtake when necessary without having to have a run up first.

    It’s also pretty dirty for what it is, emitting more than the 2.0 TDI and the same as the 1.5 TSI, both of which offer almost 30% more power.

    It’s just not the engine for us, at least not in this type of car.

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    Hi Rene

    I took delivery of an Ateca excellence lux 1.6 TDI auto in December, when I went to dealership to order (it had only been on the Motability site for less than 24 hours) the dealership said it wasn’t on the scheme only the excellence, but I persevered and asked the dealer to look into it again and although it was not showing up on Seat website it was available. So I’d doublecheck with Motability.

    The spec is great and I love the car, I had to exchange my 3008 GT line 1.6 TDI auto because of an upcoming operation I need a car my son can drive (under 25). In my humble opinion the Ateca is a much better car a lot more enjoyable to drive.

    I’ve had isuiss with the car, the dealership “forgot” to order the SD card and just put an old one in which stopped working the next day, it still hasn’t been replaced so I can’t have satnav on digital dash and the car was built with the wrong exhaust and rear bumper (hiden exhaust rather than twin crome exhaust) this also hasn’t been rectified they keep pushing the date for retro fit back!!! It’s now been over 10 weeks. I was thinking about rejecting the car but apart from these issues I love it.


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    Forget the rest and try the best Leicester Seat see Barry motability specialist

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    Hey Matt,

    how’s the ride compared to the 3008 GT Line?

    Sorry to hear that they, well, kinda screwed you there with the bumper/exhaust and SD card. The only trim with hidden exhaust + bumper is the SE trim, i’d be pretty adamant that they fix it. In that situation i wouldn’t have have actually taken the delivery in the first place (i’d assume that you had to have the car and that’s why you took it). That’s an absolute nono. Seems to be generally people not being too happy about the customer service with Seat.

    Mike11, that’d be a 4 hour drive for me, not sure if that’d be worth it. Or is there a deal to be had?

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    Rene, in all the reviews everyone says the ride is to firm but I’ve got 19″ alloys and find your more connected to the road than in the 3008, there are a lot of speed bumps where I live and the Ateca is a smother ride over them than the 3008, heated seats actually get hot and the adaptive cruise control is great, even when changing lanes it doesn’t get confused. People complain about the stop start being sluggish but if you just tap the accelerator when you know you’re about to move away it’s fine. Electronic hand break is much better than the 3008, as soon as you come to a stop it engages, the 3008 was a bit hit and miss. The cabin in the 3008 looks great but after a while you feel a bit enclosed and the centre console is to high for me created problems rubbing against left leg. The 1.6 diesel can be quite noisy if you floor it I would have preferred the 2.0 but because of needing a car for under 25’s I had to get the 1.6 but it’s got enough pep for me in my opinion it’s better than the 3008 1.6 diesel I had.

    If anyone is after an SUV for under 25’s the atecA excellence lux is in my opinion the best available at the moment.

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    Cheers for the details, the 3008 indeed was on the shortlist as well but got taken off after i saw how sluggish/laggy the infotainment works.

    And i’m with you there, for under 25s it’s probably by far the best option for the money from what i’ve seen. Simply because the Xcellence Lux comes basically with every option imaginable as standard, except the panoramic roof which, if you fit it, brings the price to something still quite reasonable.

    Money not being an object though, i’d probably go for the Karoq or Tiguan, both of which are options for >25s too. That’s if money isn’t an issue, because compared to the Ateca they’re pretty ridiculously priced (if you bring them to something similar in spec), but if you’re able to pay for that, i’d argue that the Tiguan is the better car all around car.

    Didn’t actually know of the “woes” people have with the electronic handbrake, most of what i’ve read was about the 1.5 TSI mostly with manual gearbox – kangarooing and having a flat spot in second gear especially when cold, but still there once on temperature.

    I drove an older 1.4 TSI in an VW recently and absolutely loved it, that’s why i’m a bit gutted that the 1.5 TSI is such a letdown.

    I’m in cardiff soon, they got a Seat Dealership – in the end, if i sit in and fall in love with it, alas, so be it.

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    I’d ordered a karoq sel when it was £850 ap with optional extras it came to nearly £3000 including ap for the same spec as ex lux. I had an extended test drive in the karoq and compering the two the Ateca wins hands down, I would have ordered the r line if it wasn’t for the under 25’s issue. But I was parked in a supermarket car park last week next to one and I think the Seat looks better, mines black alloys and crome look great plus it’s fully loaded. Another issue is if for some reason you have to change the car early you get t ap back pro rata if you have paid thousands for added extras you loss the lot!!!

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    That’s actually something i didn’t know. Maybe i’ll pass on the panoramic roof then.

    It’s subjective, there’s an R-Line up town here, in Indium Grey – it’s absolutely stunning. Granted, i have only seen pictures of the Ateca, might be different in person – but judging from pictures, i like the Tiguan more.

    But, clearly not like 3-4 grand worth of extras more.

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    Rene hotel next to the dealer down the road here is my experience I loved the look of the Leon 1.4 tsi dsg FR but yes very long waiting list !! I was due to pick up my car March last year ( I had a Golf 1.5 tsi dsg se nav minchin ) I went the October before yes 6 months in advance went for test drive but found the ride hard due to sports suspension and 18 inch alloys but I was guaranteed the car any colour I can’t go in to details on here sorry so I can’t say anymore ! At the time Barry was the motability specialist an older guy when I see a LeonFR now in silver I think should I have had one ? So gorgeous !  Any info please private message as cannot go into detail on here

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    JS (justsaying)

    @mike11 ?

    Sorry mate no facility for private messaging.

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    What a shame

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