Anyone been close up to a "White" i3?

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    What did you think? Does it look like the dealership sample of a really light grey?

    Got two weeks before I get a look at one in the flesh.

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    i think the one in chesterfield was black but i will ask them if they have a white one and pop over and have a shufty. i like the red but in the bmw picture its almost burgundy but someone posted a picture on another thread and it was a different red alltogether to me so now i am not sure.

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    Cheers Mitch! you can not tell the colour of something on a monitor every one is different and set differently.

    The salesman just could not figure out why I was insisting on having a “solid colour”………..It’s because I am capable of repairing a solid colour for around £20 so you can not tell it has been done……..Pass Go collect £500 Good Condition Bonus?

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    went to chesterfield and asked ref white i3 the mota specialist said it was same on the i8 but looking at the website the i8 is arctic white the i3 is copparis white so no further forward i am afraid their i3 was black.


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    Cheers Mitch! Now “Arctic” sounds white.

    When I thought the dealer said “papyrus white” this is when we asked to see a sample because I thought it might have been one of those really yellowy cream colours, papyrus being old paper to me.

    I will ask for a hearing loop next time.

    It wasn’t until we got home I realised he had actually said capparis white.

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    BMW i3 94Ah REX (2016) Capparis White / Grey Cloth


    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Pass a white one on my way home from work most days, looks white to me, not grey or cream…Nice blue highlights on it. Think it has the woolly trim (itchy jumper spec??).

    Loads of images on the web.

    Other colours are available all free, I liked the Red, see one of them every day too.

    Whats wrong with Grey….saw a Primer grey Lambo going full chat on my way home yesterday, all the rage for trendy folk…lol.


    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Saw a black and white one yesterday and it was lovely. Definitely a nice pure looking white. Not the pearlescent looking cream/whites that have become popular recently and defo not greyish.

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    I was looking at a white one in the showroom at the weekend. It looked like a normal white car to me, and I would have one in white if the car was suitable. It looked as white as any other white car.

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    Took this just this morning, thought it might help seeing a real photo. I wasn’t driving when I took it!!

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    lol, are you stalking it elldo?

    well done though. in the flesh so to speak.

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    Haha just luck, but I wasn’t missing the chance to get a photo for Shawn!

    There’s nothing harder than trying to choose a car colour from those little samples you get and then spending 3 months wondering if you have made the right choice.

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    @Elldo Thanks much appreciated!?

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    2019 i3s in white

    Good enough for you?

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    Elldo I have a “friend” who needs a private investigator, are you interested lol.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Thanks Vinylspin!

    My plan now is to wait for the July list. The lead time of 3 months is so long that I am going to have to MOT my car now anyway so there is no rush. Also 69 plate ?I know someone who is taking delivery of a white one in 2 weeks so will have a look at that.

    “I” think we will see a zero AP Zoe and this will conflict me. But I hope we see an IONIQ or a Leaf which have boots and loads of kit as standard. So July! and 69??

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    Looks nice in white but I’d like a silver one

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    Made me laugh coz funnily enough before becoming unwell I was a police officer! Obviously never leaves u lol.

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    Now that’s a hideous looking motor, in any colour!!!

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    Stuart Bush

    I really like the i3 and what initially put me off was the uncertainty of the wall socket and charger cable been free, but now that’s been verified as the case it remains a front runner for me. My only concern is this, having watched and read a fair few reviews most come back with a real world range of around 90 to 120 miles despite BMW insisting it’s a lot higher. For me 180 to 190 is fine but 90 miles means it’s totally off the list, it`s almost impossible to make a decision, and how can so many reviews be so far apart.

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    Stuart BMW upgraded the batteries recently which directly increases the range to a real range of 160 miles

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    Stuart Bush

    Good news Ian thanks, although i thought i was reading pretty up to date reviews dated 2019 but i might be wrong.

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    stuart make sure its the 120 ah version there were others with a range extender. but that was done away with when they brought out the 120 ah.

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    Finally got to see one and…… it looks white when on its own in bright sunlight but if you go up to it the flats of the wheel arches look grey just like the dealership sample. If a white car was next to it you would see the difference.

    I can’t make out if “Fluid Black” is solid or metallic. But that is not the white for me it would be too annoying.

    Yeah I’m on the spectrum so that would be why.?

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