Any have any MG 5 EV

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    Is there anyone who can give an honest opinion o. The Mg 5 EV on here thanks

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    I’ve got one and love it 👍

    Anything in particular you want to know or I’ll write up more later as just heading out to work now ☹

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    This may get a bit confusing because mines is 8 months old now so has the smaller 53kWh battery (standard range) while the latest one they call the “long range” has a 61kWh so a bit more range (30 miles?). The LR (as opposed to my SR) also has a bit more tech like adaptive cruise instead of ordinary cruise, lane keep assist, emergency braking with pedestrian recognition. However it is the SR that is still on Motability price list and I’d expect it to rise when the LR does come on but we all know how that can go!

    My MG5 does everything you need, it’s comfy with a soft ride, it is fast off the line and can lose you your licence if pushed although it isn’t a sports car and doesn’t like being pushed, it also has a genuine 200 mile range. The boot has a bit of a lip but is a good size and shape. Space inside is decent for 5 adults and 4 could travel all day in comfort. As an estate it’s okay but not the best. It’ll carry a lot but the seats don’t fold flat and the lip could be a pain if you have to lift heavy or awkward items in/out, however several people have removed the rear seats and converted it into a van while a lot are now being used as taxi’s.
    So far I’ve done over 11k in 8 months including 500+ miles in one day.
    Seat height is a tiny bit higher than a regular saloon car but nothing like the SUV style.

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    I’d also add that a lot of EVs don’t suit me with the charging port being on the passenger side rear, I prefer them in the nose but could manage if it was on the drivers side rear, like the i3 or ID3.

    My main needs were for range and I like my tech too, size and space for 2 adults, a dog, a wheelchair and a wee bit of luggage is enough so ideally I’d have the Kona which wasn’t available at the time, or the Soul which was about £4k so not worth it in my opinion. The MG ZS & the Leaf 40 were available but didn’t give enough extra range over my 30 Leaf to warrant changing so I’d extended that lease for 2 years and changed after 8 months.

    There are loads of EVs to choose from now and more coming so hopefully you’ll find one that suits all/most of your needs 🤞

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    Mark Holland

    Thank you Rhodgie very useful ours is sadly terminal although at a time when you can’t easily change cars but I know I can get an MG I watched a really interesting practical honest review and as a car I have no issue it’s just the practicality it is the largest on Motability next to ours but is massively smaller than ours and would require huge efforts to adapt too, that said I have to go to the hospital this morning so instead of waiting for hours I am going to pop into MG and have a look because I already called and my local ish one has two ready to go. I worry about the lip on cars which many have sadly as the temporary chair we would still weighs 30 kg and I struggle with it sometimes. But at least it’s Not an suv as that makes it far worse usually. They are bringing a GLA this morning I reckon that will be tough but they cannot even find suitable hire vehicles at present. So I’ll let you know later thanks again for the honest report, mind you never mind LR coming on Friday short range could go off no one seems to have an idea at present.

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