Any discounts????

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    Hi all, I’m ordering my new car next month and have got my choice down to a Mercedes GLA. I looked at the Peugeot 3008 and after the initial excitement it became apparent that it was not the car I’d hoped it would be, and it was the digital dashboard which I found irritating after about 30 minutes. Don’t ask me why as I’m still figuring it out!
    Perhaps it’s because I’m used to analogue but I think this particular dash was just a bit too garish compared with other digital screens I’ve seen as in the Audi.
    Long story short, the GLA is it, nice sports seats (GLA 200 AMG line petrol) and great build quality. The AP is £2600 and I’ll be adding another £2500 in options (including bloody £420 for a DAB radio, jeez!! ).
    Is there anybody out there who knows a Mercedes dealership who is offering discounts?
    My local Volvo and BMW dealers do but Mercedes are very reluctant.
    Cheers for any info.

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    Unfortunately, the chances of getting any discount on the AP of any car are about the same as finding rocking horse poo. The dealership only gets a couple of hundred quid for processing an order. Factory fit options are a different kettle of fish. The dealership gets a bucket full of commission for selling them. Just take a look how much any manufacturer charges for a factory-fit tow bar. £650 is about the minimum. A local fitter can do one for half that. Saying all that, I went to a VW showroom today and was offered £200 off the AP of a Golf Estate. Probably due to the fact that the dealership had the car in stock and VW are trying to shift all the Mk 7 models before 1st April when the Mk 8 is released.

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    I managed to get £1500 off a Nissan Leaf.

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    Lee Bengough

    My Citroën Dealer Back In 2014 Couldn’t Get Me Any Discount On The Black Pack and Alloy Wheels Upgrade Or Off The Spare Tyre Ordered With The Car.

    Fairplay Mind they are a great Garage and they fitted accessories I bought off eBay like the mud flaps and chrome door mirrors Free of Charge when They did the PDi.

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