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    How do you feel about all this new tech?

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest technology trade show. Held in Las Vegas each January, it was originally designed as an event to publicise the newest commercially-available household gadgets, such as computers and stereo systems. However, it has expanded over the last decade or so to include a broader range of technology, including cars and in-car technology.

    The Consumer Electronics Show is now a fixture on the automotive calendar. Car manufacturers regularly have stands at the CES, showcasing advancements in safety technology, infotainment systems, autonomous driving, battery packs and electric powertrains. New car and concept car unveils have also been known to take place in the show halls.

    The 2019 instalment of CES starts on the 8 January and continues until January 12. Here’s all the key car news from the event, ordered by manufacturer.


    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Hope it’s not too late to reply to this but it seems important to me…

    I find the deluge of computery electronic stuff in cars a Very Bad Thing. There are bleepy, flashing things in the speedo binnacle; similar bleeps/flashes blatter away in the vid monitor; many functions like navigation, cruise-control, maps and countless others demand your attention and tell you that something needs pushing, pulling or touch-screening. These’s also the whole mobile phone thing.

    All very clever but all pulling your attention away from the primary driving job – looking at road and controlling the vehicle.

    I wish I could get a car without all this electronic blattery! Most cars seem to come with a host of this stuff as standard whereas really useful drivery things like heated front screens or parking bleepers can cost thousands of quid. Not exaggerating – some of these aids have to be bought as part of a “pack” .

    I have managed to find out how to turn off most of the stuff in my car but there are still some things which bleep and squeak at me – sometimes have to stop car, turn off and on again to stop ’em!

    So, in answer to Brydo’s question: I feel all this stuff is just plain wrong in a car – dangerously dragging your attention away from actually driving the car.

    And before anyone asks, no, I do not use a mobile in car – don’t even own one. And no, do not listen to the wireless, sorry, radio or music while driving, far too distracting.

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    Love new tech. I’m looking for a car on the scheme with a digital dash and blind spot assist.

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