All new cars to have speed limiters fitted by 2022

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    All those lusting after fast Motability cars, forget it.

    DOT to implement speed limiters on all new cars by 2022

    this is why I think, VAG have changed traffic sign recognition from VCDS (can be changed by software encoding) to a SWaP file (coded by VAG to the specific car) to stop any changes outside factories and dealerships.


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    Clipped wings

    I don’t drive anywhere these days that is not highly regulated and policed, so a 1.5tsi is more than adequate, even in a relatively heavy Touran/Allspace.
    back in the 80 s lived in a large, sandy hot country that had mandated speed warnings on all new cars. A very intrusive and loud chime in my Subaru. Tried to find the source to apply nail/ blue tack  but to no avail. Continued to be overtaken by locals at max velocity in their Toyota pickups.

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    That article is almost 2 years old, no idea if it is still current?

    Previous Motability Cars
    2006 - 2009 Skoda Superb VR6 2.0tdi
    2009 - 2012 Citroen C5 2.0tdi VTR Nav
    2012 - 2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci tekna
    2015 - 2018 Ford Kuga 2.0tdi Titanium X
    2018 - 2021 BMW 220d X drive 2 Series Active Luxury

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    Even though the UK is planning to leave the EU this year, it’s likely the new speed limiter rules would continue to apply here after Brexit.

    Update for the RAC,we have left the EU and i have heard nowt from the UK Govt to say we are going to be “nanny’ed” in such a way.

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    A second point,if these speed limiters are introduced,will that mean that all the speed humps that litter my locality will be removed,and lets not forget the profit making speed camera’s,there wont be any need for such things,if yer car cant break a speed limit.

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    It won’t happen.

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    It will more than likely will happen because the World is governed by people who are thick as a bricks and clueless, yes their smart at putting our money in their pockets but when it comes to practicality their thick and the current state of World leaders on there response to Covid just proves that beyond reasonable doubt. They got the nerve to say Trump was an ass and yet there all the same but don’t use Twitter to advertise it.

    20 MPH limits in town will save lives they say but it hasn’t change a lot because the problem is drivers using phones at the wheel and driving without due care or attention while we safe drivers get punished for their stupidity.

    Smart Motorways are great according to HMG but people are being murder by these clueless idiots who sit behind desks playing with computers that tell them it cuts down congestion while they go blind to the truth that staring them in the face and when there questioned about the deaths their stupid ideal are causing they just say they need to tinker with it a little bit, well go tell that to near relatives of children and parents who just broken-down on a Motorway and there mini car has been crushed like a baked bean can by a 32 ton HGV lorry not to mention white van just finishing off their text before ploughing into the back of you.

    Street furniture is another thing littering our town centres to so say make them safer but I believe the opposite because driver are so busy looking out for pushbikes and now the new addition, electric scooters wondering all over the road from all directions, then there’s the road signs, and lets face it there are loads of them telling us not to do this or that, next we have speed limit changes that seem to change every hundred yards or so or getting a £100 fine if you accidentality stray into a bus lane for a yard or two, even yielding to fire engines can land you with a fine if you move over to let the emergency vehicle go by and have a wheel in the bus lane.

    So my conclusion is, yes speed limiters will be introduced because it will save lives but I think it will be the opposite but then I’m no expert and as we all know our wonderful politicians are God’s and know everything so we can’t argue with that and besides they don’t listen anyway because they know better and their over paid experts will do as their told, but then again, it’s there over paid experts who come up with all this Cows muck to justify those generous salaries and MP’s being what they are buy it.

    Rant over.

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    Sorry about the double post, I was trying to edit my post but for some reason went through as a reply to my post.😁

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    I thought it was getting delayed as they found in early testing that the cars in the test group of people with it full on were having more accidents (they explained that they got complacent knowing it was restricted) the testers that had the warning tones only responded better, the ones that had the option to turn off done well too, but the ones that faired the best in the testing were the ones fitted with huds that showed speed limit constantly until they were within it.

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    Clipped wings

    Well said. Grant schnapps in total denial. This is the man who announced an Airbridge to the Vatican, but not Italy. Doesn’t have an airport, you idiot. And to French Polynesia – how are you going to achieve that, exactly? The aviation secretary had to quietly resign as she was even more clueless. Where do they find them?

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    Clipped wings

    Should have said “ well said Chris”

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    One of the biggest problems will be if it can’t be overridden. My S-Max has automatic camera derived speed limiting, the problem is, it often gets it wrong, staying at 30mph when its 60 or changing from 70mph on a dual carriageway to 40 in a blink of an eye then returning to 70 some miles later, for no reason, just imagine the car slamming on brakes to bleed 30mph…rear end shunt anyone? Thankfully it can be turned off – I can see the speed limit shown on the dash, but its my choice to stick to it or disagree if , clearly, the system is being stupid.

    Then there is the safety aspect, sitting at a limited 40 in a 40, older non-speed limited truck comes up behind you, driver texting or watching porn, you can see it coming, but can’t escape…

    In life, it's not who you know that's important, it's how your wife found out.

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    Or as happened to me recently. Driving in lane 1 on M25 at 40mph in 40mph speed restricted traffic when 32 tonner in lane 2 decides to share my space. Braking hard would have had me shunted by close traffic behind.  Hard acceleration saved the day.

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    Further to a post I added here to this forum concerning rsa refusing to insure drivers that have claimed multiple times on a Motability car … has anyone been in this situation ? And when does rsa get in touch with the individual ; on ordering a new vehicle or once a several claims have been made ? This really is a shady area … nothing in the terms and conditions of rsa insurance policy does it state this eventuality will occur ….

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    News flash, pretty much all cars on the scheme can exceed the speed limits, not just the fastest Motability cars on the scheme, but they can get up to the speed limit quicker and can also slow down quicker as they usually have better brakes also and wider tyres that have more contact with the road.. better suspensions that handle better in certain road conditions as well..


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    Further to a post I added here to this forum concerning rsa refusing to insure drivers that have claimed multiple times on a Motability car … has anyone been in this situation ? And when does rsa get in touch with the individual ; on ordering a new vehicle or once a several claims have been made ? This really is a shady area … nothing in the terms and conditions of rsa insurance policy does it state this eventuality will occur ….

    it really is on an individual basis, every situation is different, as a rule you would be advised and warned of any future action upon last claim/offence. if there was an issue i would assume motability  or RSA would contact you detailing any conditions or intentions to exclude from the scheme at the point the situation arose. i dont think anyone giving details or experiences will help as again it really is on an individual basis and a call to Motability is the only way to know for sure, as suggested in your original Thread.

    3 insurance claims in 2 years

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    I don’t really see the problem with speed limiters we’ve had them on various commercial vehicles for decades albeit “dumb” max speed versions.

    As someone who used to race around driving all over the country for work I found it far less stressful & journeys took the same time regardless just obeying the speed limits. Honestly the difference I felt after a day between ragging it everywhere & just following limits was night & day.

    Also we live in a rural village & the number of morons speeding here is unreal esp during holiday season (really enjoying lockdown from that pov and got to see loads of Londoners get £200 fines when police blitzed the area).

    Maybe it’s my age & driving experience but I really don’t care about this & it could save lives, help save the climate & make everyone’s lives a bit better too also save wildlife & pets.

    I don’t see this as nannying because in my experience these rules need to exist because so many people DO need to be treated like children, honestly live in a holiday destination & you’ll come to the same conclusion.

    The number of people who can’t read a great big red sign that says beware unpredictable tidal flooding & leave their cars parked there for a week whilst on holiday & they get flooded is unreal.

    So yes we do largely need nannying imho as for “blaming” the EU well when we were a part of it we had MEPs who had a say in this stuff & clearly enough backed it to become law so it’s our own MEPs to blame too so ya know

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    That’s a lot of discussion about something that’s not going to happen. Not even in the EU.

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    I agree, limit speeds, there are tracks for people who want to race.

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    Who said anything about racing.

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    This is the world we live in elliot where some people think they have a right to make all people do as they do as that’s what they think is right or are told is right..

    What sort of person hopes people get fines? Maybe if you live in a holiday destination that’s what you expect holiday makers hoping to have a good time and again it seems a few people spoil it for all, but all are blamed.

    With covid and not many going aboard this summer i suspect it will be worse than ever and more people will flock to the coast this summer, Should they not be allowed to to please the locals?

    We’ll thats alot like asking for a bypass to be built and then wondering why all the local shops that depended on passing trade to stay afloat closedown and you got no more shops nearby.

    People imo should really becareful what they wish for, as cause has an effect and Often has unintended consequences.

    But Just like all people who go to watch a football match are not hooligans or where i used to live and grew up  in London right near the world famous very busy Camden Lock & Market and the Trendy nightlife which went on till the early hours of the morning..

    Do you complain about it, No i don’t think you should because i live/ grew up in that area and I accept that as part and parcel of living there.. It was great meeting people from all over the uk and the world. but noisy people and car and the police helicopter and sirens night after nite you get used to it..

    As for racing you cannot race on your own and it is illegal to street race, Some do but there are laws in place to deal with it.. Maybe they should start enforcing them more like lane hoggers.

    lets talk about trucks you can still speed in one but not on the motorway unless you in the variable zone or road works and is it not better to pass a truck faster than risk being alongside one for any period of time more than is needed and how often has a truck passed me doing 56 mph on acc in a 50 mph set of roadworks pretty much everytime.

    I even got caught speeding many years ago driving a truck by a speed camera and got 3 points. It was when they changed the speed limits into and around london and went from national to 50mph.

    They getting camera’s soon and ai to track your speed on every car like face rec tracks all people. so will be no need anyway to have a device fitted.

    Also if your car says you doing 70mph are you really doing 70mph or less.. Deffo it ain’t more and some cars compensate more than others this is why when you pass one of those boards that displays your speed it is always lower than the car says you going..

    With acc set at 30 mph often they say 27mph and the faster you go the more the gap.. thats why on the motorway i set the acc at 78mph when the limit is 70mph and not once have i got a fine or speeding ticket.. also the radar keeps a nice safe gap, whatever the speed.

    How close some driver’s drive to the one in front. That’s another bigger issue imo worse than the speed you going (where and when it’s safe to do so) coz it’s not always safe to do the limit one needs to drive to the road conditions and sometime the systems are wrong or get it wrong or the sign was obscureed so the camera didn’t pick up the speed limit has changed.

    There are so many varibles to driving and as a disabled driver it is hard for me to put my foot down more to override a system or even to kickdown and i hardly use eco mode for that reason, thats why i use acc alot even around town at low speeds i use it.. If i need to drive i use sport mode as less throttle is needed which is better for me and my condition..So if they do Guess it will be my last car on the scheme and i’ll drive classic cars forever.. Till they say no more driving as ai can do a better job but i doubt it can, when there suface water and it’s only gonna impact onside of the car, will it know to slow down or even change lanes.

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    Well said rox.

    The other thing about speed limiters is I’ve tried in the past with the ones built into most cars these days and found them just so dangerous especially when you need that short blast of revs to get out of a situation.

    I’m like you on motorways I set my cruise control to around 76 mph which is in real speed about 73/74 mph. I always remember a senior police officer once saying to me to set it to 79 mph and I’d never get a ticket. I’m not so sure though these days with those new gantry cameras on the motorway even though most police forces have a 10% plus 3mph policy. I haven’t collected any points on my licence for over 30 years so I must be doing something right.

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    Here you go, sept 2020

    forum spat this one out as spam

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    Southamman, thanks for the updated article but it has still not been mandated by the EU and the UK will not introduce it until it has been.  Manufacturers are including the technology in new cars as of 2022 and the first phase of implementation will require a warning gong which most satnavs have had for years.  The second phase of actual speed limiters has not yet been agreed.

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    Some interesting acts you nay not know.

    most modern cars today actually have black boxes fitted, so in the event of a crash,  they can download speed, location, wether you were wearing a seat belt, if you either accelerated or braked, which systems were live

    it will be in your owners manual as event data recorder or accident data recorder.

    secondly, interesting. I have a car camera in my windscreen, it can read the road signs, with the adaptive cruise control can also use the nav system to check speed limits and can already control your speed

    in the past this was a software change, on or off, but VAG have now made ut a SWaP fake which can only be changed by accessing the VAG servers.


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    When I took our BMW X1 in for a service, the receptionist read the key to see if anything untoward about the car had been logged.  I asked if there was anything – she said, yes, you’ve driven off three times with the handbrake on.  I said that must have been Mrs W, I never use the handbrake..

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