Alfa Romeo tonale

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    Coral Winship

    Hi all just been on live chat with motability they have told me that this car is coming on the scheme this summer ie next 3 months

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    Which Mobility Car

    Really! I was under the impression that Alfa had delayed the START of production for a year, now mid 2022.

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    Coral Winship

    Yer that’s what I thought to but he said it’s on track and confirmed just waiting on prices and specs

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    Which Mobility Car

    Well it certainly would be a surprise to have a car join the scheme that was not in production. I know we are suffering delivery delays but that would take it to a whole new level.

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    Coral Winship

    It was live chat I talked to he also said the new Renault arkana will be out on the scheme to in the summer

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    Carol, unfortunately, you can take what motability agents say with a large pinch of salt.

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    The Alfa Romeo Tonale won’t enter production until early in 2022, with its planned launch later this year pushed back by several months. from Autocar 


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    Unlikely, I reckon, especially since they’ve now pulled the Giulietta and the sadly missed Giulia. WHY didn’t I order  one when I had the chance?!

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    Glos Guy

    Motability agents have access to a list of cars that are being considered for the scheme (dependent on a number of factors including what deals they can get), but only a proportion of them ever make it. I was told in Q1 that the Mercedes EQA and Toyota Highlander were on this list (I posted the info on here at the time). Neither has made it. The EQA was still on the ‘potential’ list quite recently (may still be for all I know) but the Toyota Highlander was deemed ‘not to meet the schemes criteria’ so was removed from the list. I strongly suspect that this is a similar scenario. It may appear when it’s released but it may not.

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    Lovely looking car this, hadn’t actually heard of this before.

    Not much known about it though, or am i missing the obvious? I’m sceptical that you’ll get to order a car within the next three months that hasn’t even been properly revealed yet.

    Certainly keeping an eye out though, as SUVs go, that’s a pretty tasty looking one, at least judging by the concept pictures.

    It’s a competitor to the Arona, T-Roc etc though, isn’t it? As in, considerably smaller than Tiguan, Ateca etc?

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    It looks very nice, much like its big brother the Stelvio,

    It’s going to be a FIAT 500X / JEEP Renegade underpinnings, with a posh coat over the top!

    Would I have one?, OH YES!!


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    What’s the pronunciation of tonale?

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    TOE NAIL?? haha

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    Glos Guy

    TOE NAIL?? haha

    Could well be, given that VW has the Toe Rag 😂

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    I’m sure it’s Uber Italian sounding but I can’t read it any other way 😂

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    TOE NAIL?? haha

    The first thing I would do is stick a bit of tape over the name badge.

    Otherwise I’ll be yelling at everybody ITS A TONALE.

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    its same meaning as tonal in english if that helps lol


    my mate has an alfa. its a lovely motor

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