After a Year Off Having Bad Seats I Want to Change

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    Hi All,

    I’m totally new to all of this, I’ve never had mobility before, but qualified for higher PIP in July last year,

    The car I owned the insurance was about to expire so it was good timing because I didn’t have to sign up for another year,

    Due to this reason and me being stupid I told the dealership I needed a car within a month, and id never done mobility before,

    He showed me 2 nissan quashqai and said that was all they had (due to covid) and said they weren’t going to have anymore cars for a while,

    I wasn’t offered a test drive, my carer wasn’t able to be with me at the dealership and my anxiety was through the roof,

    So I just chose one of the 2 of them he said were available, (on the forecourt),

    Can you imagine how I felt passing there 2-3 weeks later to find a LOAD more models,

    The nissan quashqai I have is just awful, the seats are the most uncomfortable seats I’ve sat on, and it’s so basic you would say it was more like a 2014 not a 2020!

    Is there anyway I could change the car (I had it July 2020) and paid just £300 deposit,

    I feel like the dealership took advantage and didn’t tell me about the new delivery of cars they had and also didn’t offer a test drive said due to covid?

    Any help id really appreciate it

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    I had same problem with Vauxhall Zafira recently. I contacted Motability and explained my problem, They allowed me to change vehicle for a fee of £250 admin. In some cases they would forego the admin fee. Just get in contact with Motability as soon as you can.

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    Yes, I’ll second what crispy has said. I only got my 1st car in Sep 2020 but will be picking up a bigger vehicle next week thanks to Motability’s understanding of my change of circumstances. I had to pay a £50 admin fee.

    You will need to convince them that the car is proving detrimental to your health by being uncomfortable to sit in rather than it was an outdated version.

    You will also still have the problem of no viewing/test drives if they do allow you to change.

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    Likewise. I made a bad choice, although it was my fourth car that I’ve had eight months. It’s far too low and small for me. That coupled with my pain increasing recently (I have a progressive illness) meant it was no longer suitable.

    I did all my correspondence via Twitter private message. Saved me speaking to them. Ten minutes, a few messages later and contract cancelled for £50 admin fee. Ordered new car that afternoon.

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    Lord Muc

    You may have to think about the reasons to swap, as you do sign a declaration, that the car is suitable for you, with the covid restrictions and such, motobility will probably be quite sympathetic to you.

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    You may have to think about the reasons to swap, as you do sign a declaration, that the car is suitable for you, with the covid restrictions and such, motobility will probably be quite sympathetic to you.

    Surely Lord Muc that is the big issues right now, in that you can order a car but cannot test drive one or even sit in a car with the trim that you will be ordering and thus i feel mobility should take some of the blame on this when it goes wrong. How can one sign that declaration under the current circumstances, if you do not know if it is as you cannot try before you order.

    Sounds as if Claire7777 ordered back when the dealers had just reopened after the first lockdown and alot was up in the air then, plants had been closed as well and we was not allowed to order cars during the 1st lockdown.

    My current car was sitting at the dealers as i was supposed to exchange in april 2020 (when they was closed) but it was not till mid july they was allowed to let me exchange and i guess Claire7777 had to wait till she got the nod from mb to say she could order being new to the scheme.

    I would play on this as i do believe they are partly to blame somewhat, as they are allowing people to order blind and they know this and how is one to know if a car is suitable or not..

    I Personally would not order any car if i could not test drive it and sit in the exact seats that i would be getting and could take my family on the test drive as well.. The reason £250 is alot of money for an admin fee, so i gotta get it right first time and the current climate is not helpful with that at all..

    One should also be able to take your carer with you after all, we not normal customers and like in other places that open now, they are allowed to go with you, also children under a certain age. You are allowed them if the rule is one person, like at the supermarket or the hospital. So it will be the same at the showroom. (when they open)

    Deffo though Claire7777 Right now you might have the same issue of not being able to test drive any cars, so it maybe better to hold out till you can, as at least then you’ll be sure the seat and height etc is good for you.

    I have the same issue a very bad back and some seats just are not suitable and aggravate my condition and it’s something that i deffo think i have to have this car for 3 years and it has to be practical also.. as it turns into a bad situation,which ends in hating the car and not wanting to drive it and adds alot more stress to you life than is needed.. so as i said maybe wait till you can try them, which hopefully should not be to much longer. Boris should be setting out the raod map on monday..

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    Speak to motability they are understanding.

    regarding your next car I’d advise take your time and do as much research as possible into engines and trim level to give you a better idea of what a dealer is offering, sometimes it will be the wrong car even after all this but at least you know you done your homework.

    if you do get to change AP is refunded pro rata but there’s also a fee so it might end up costing you to get out but shouldn’t be a lot.

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    There used to be a way that seats were tested and ranked independently, so that you at least had some idea how good they were. I had a tiguan which I grew to hate. The last year I despised it. The seats for me, were just too hard and unforgiving. I test drove that car thoroughly. I changed a bit,  the car stayed the same. If you are limited in budget then choices are reduced. Its OK knowing that Mercedes have universally admired seats, but only if you can afford one. It used to be that the better the marque, the better the seat, XC40s seem to be disproving that.

    Who addresses the issue? Hardly anyone since there does not seem to be any standard for judging.

    Maybe motability needs to readdress its approach, doubling the good condition bonus for cars returned after three years and scrapping it for cars returned early. Maybe they should only offer cars with notably good seats (if a standard can be agreed) and through purchasing power force manufacturers to sort out the problem.

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    Same with the Golf match edition i had sif, After a while driving my back would hurt more and more and that was the one thing that i could not wait to get rid of the car for, Then covid came and i had to wait longer to exchange and that was torture knowing the new car was sitting at the dealers for 3 months while i suffered everytime i drove it any real distance at all. The new car the seat is much better as soon as i sat in it after driving to the dealers to look before ordering, my back was hurting and i sat in it and was like this is comfortable, the test drive was in leather so not the trim i was geting, but i knew it was alot better anfd i have not been dissapointed so far..

    so if you can get an extended test drive thats good but it’s not always the trim you will get, so one need to be firm with the dealer and insist on sitting in the same seats you will get, even if it’s a trip to another dealer imo it’s worth it..To me the seat is one of the most important factors. As i broke my back in a rta when i was 9 and has always caused me issues.

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    Thanks everyone your support means a lot, as I said I don’t know much about the mobility scheme,

    Since being diagnosed with a brain tumour (non cancerous they said but it is on my pituitary gland) and I get awful neck pain accompanied with back pain,

    Yes I ordered the car when the dealers opened up on the 2-3rd July,

    They told me all there cars were gone and that they weren’t expecting a delivery for a while, and like I said I passed there 2 weeks later and there were loads more,

    And they were trying to charge me extra for everything, and telling me “I’ve saved you £450 for the paint work I will say i forgot to add it on”

    This I would have believed if I hadn’t already been told that the day before with ford dealership, they wanted £700 deposit for a Ford puma, which had been sitting so long on the forecourt it looked terrible,

    I do worry that when I cancel I’ll be without a car, and I live in a small village and the nearest supermarket is 30 miles there

    How long will I be without a car if the mobility people are okay with me changing the car?

    And again thank you for your help

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    Thank you everyone, due to all the replies I got it gave me the courage to ring the mobility scheme up and I spoke with a lovelly woman who said she would waive the £250 fee,

    And that she has cancelled my current car and when I order the new one, I will get most of my deposit back,

    She said she would put though to the dealerships that I MUST test drive it as much as possible,

    So judging with the pandemic still going on, it will be a long way off

    But I’m glad I can change it


    Thank You Again All Of You

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    Hi @claire7777

    I am in the middle of this process of waiting for my new car, motability won’t take this car away until your new car is ready for collection, so you will still be mobile whilst waiting for your new car, I understand it will make you uncomfortable but hopefully when you can get out and order a new one it won’t be too long of a wait.

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    Well I’ve looked at every possible car/suv and the dealership ALWAYS bring out the exclusive edition and then hit you with “theres only £2.599 deposit” ONLY,

    I don’t have that type of money sadly, so I’ve had quite a shock at how limited my choices are, I can barely scrape £1000

    So I already feel like giving up, I live in the countryside so a car wouldn’t be wise with all the lanes etc,

    Every large SUV I’ve looked at are out of my budget, I’m so disheartened 😔

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    What cars have you considered, quick check, theres about 70 large SUV’s with an AP below £1000

    Previous Motability Cars
    2006 - 2009 Skoda Superb VR6 2.0tdi
    2009 - 2012 Citroen C5 2.0tdi VTR Nav
    2012 - 2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci tekna
    2015 - 2018 Ford Kuga 2.0tdi Titanium X
    2018 - 2021 BMW 220d X drive 2 Series Active Luxury

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    Skoda Karoq -free, Vauxhall grandland free ,  Seat ateca £249, Tiguan £849 ,

    that’s just me having a 2 minute look

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    I done a little check for you and because you would struggle with the £1k AP,  I carried out a large suv search at £500 or less and 35 vehicles come up.    Ignore the first page which appear not to be SUV’s.  Carry on the pages and some excellent choices with 0 AP, right up to £399…. check them out.

    See Simons list above, all great vehicles  plus hyundai Tuscan.

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    I thought they had to be brand new plates? As in no mileage,

    So could I get a 2018 for instance and it would be (obviously) used but the deposit would be less?

    Thanks again sorry to be a pain

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    Yes, they have to be new vehicles, have you looked at the Motability car search on their website?

    Previous Motability Cars
    2006 - 2009 Skoda Superb VR6 2.0tdi
    2009 - 2012 Citroen C5 2.0tdi VTR Nav
    2012 - 2015 Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci tekna
    2015 - 2018 Ford Kuga 2.0tdi Titanium X
    2018 - 2021 BMW 220d X drive 2 Series Active Luxury

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    Yes it will be a brand new. You need to order it via a Motability dealer just like you done with your previous car. You can search the cars available and advanced payments on the Motability website.

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    I’ve emailed a few dealerships and they have emailed me back,

    Saying you will love our car, what I have learned from my little experience is that these guys have these jobs because they could as some people say “sell ice to Eskimos”,

    They ALWAYS bring out the top version of the car you have asked to see,

    So I’m preparing myself for the phone call and me being adamant that I would like to see the EXACT model of the car I would be recieving, with the deposit I have,

    I’m dreading it, the old me wouldn’t have it any other way, but since Ive been ill, I just don’t have that part of me anymore,

    All of them have said that orders have to be in by march 31st as prices will change, and none offering a test drive until the government allows it,

    Sang Yong dealership opened any car I wanted to see and said I could drive it around the yard as much as I wanted too,

    I’ve downloaded each dealership brochure for mobility cars and Toyota have just 2 of them for my budget which is there

    “Toyota C-HR Hybrid”

    And I like the “MG HS excite”

    As with all the other brochures the deposits are all around the £2k mark,

    When I looked on the mobility site at the cars and then asked on the phone it will say “Nil deposit” on one (for instance) but when I’ve gone to see it, they hit me with “that’s the basic model and we don’t have any in stock” and the amount of deposit goes up 😔

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    Sorry to be a pain as well

    But does anyone know how id get my deposit back with the car I got, the lady said on the phone from motorbility that I’d have it, do they add it onto your new car or do you have to wait for it,


    She said I could leave the car when I picked up the new one

    Thanks again x

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    The way it will work is the day you hand the car back, the next day a cheque will be sent out via the post, this is what motability said to me, I informed them car going back next Tuesday for new one, that’s when they said cheque for x amount will be posted the next working day.

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    I can confirm what Newbie1892 has said. I handed back my early termination car on Wed when collecting my new one. I received 2 cheques this morning (Sat) from Motability. 1 for pro rata Advanced Payment and 1 for pro rata Good Condition Bonus.

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    Can I add that you may well be entitled to a motability great to help with the advanced payment if you do need a car over what you can afford. It’s an easy process and they are extremely helpful so it might be worth speaking to them about that also and that way you can know what your limits are

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    I’m afraid that’s normal for dealers not to stock every variant so, I’ve found seats in the more basic models to be less supportive with fewer adjustments.
    Avoid any car that has sports suspension or no lumber support.
    From my own experience French cars tend to have more comfortable seats if you need softness, if you need more support then Vw have what they call comfort seats in some models with massage and heat function as well as loads of adjustment.
    If you find a model you think is perfect  but can’t afford the AP then apply for a grant, it’s easy and you get a decision within hours.
    I have spinal fusing and deformity and  nerve damage I went for a Vw Tiguan with comfort seats and it’s been great for me.
    good luck I hope you find a car soon.

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    ade harley

    Hi, I am awaiting delivery of my new e-c4 fully electric Citroen. As I live in a flat and cannot make use of the free charger install, I requested it be fitted at my partners address this was refused.
    Has anyone had a charger fitted privately? Wondering what sort of cost would be involved?

    Any information would be much appreciated.

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