Advise needed on Oct deals

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    Thanking you in anticipation and I’ve a fish n chip supper bet on outcome I’ll declare

    I currently have a seat Ateca perfect sized car for me

    but today Motability have announced I can terminate early for an automatic car

    problem is my son drives us if we go any distance and under 25

    i need a larger car (Ateca not huge it’s perfect)

    now you guys used to be awesome bargain hunters, know of all the deals etc

    was looking at the Kuga or second reserve the focus

    Must be ok for under 25 and any AP going on credit card so AP is a big factor but I bet my wife a fish supper someone will know of a upgrade or cash back deal to soften blow

    distance not an issue as we can drive and exchange

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    Ford was giving £500 Advance Payment contribution with selected new Ford Kuga SUV Motability cars.

    up until 30th of sept and seems no new deals been listed as yet for this 1/4.

    Maybe you can ask for help in the form of a grant  for the difference between a manual and a auto. especailly if you using a C.C to pay 4 the ap..


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    Thankyou Rox

    kinda feel bad asking for a grant if I honest  so little in pot and so many in need who might not even have a card

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    Yeah but sometimes needs must and if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    I am the same i have never asked for the grant, but it seems other seem to getting help so why not you. rather than putting yourself into debt on a CC.

    The new leon is not bad, obvs it’s lower than the ateca, but for me my last 2 cars been lower and to drive them is alot better. Although i guess as you need for under 25 and an auto that will really limit your choices alot.

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    I click the search lol

    hit estates numbers drop

    hit automatic massive drop

    hit under 25 and it’s a focus / Corolla and kuga

    now my son can drive my Ateca

    same car in automatic it’s a no

    crazy old world we’re in

    but I can get a B class mercedes (if I had 3k+)

    what’s happening with traditional bargains like Vauxhall?
    seems only Seat n Ford bieng fair

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    MG ZS exclusive auto is still on there .

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    £500 off at bmw marshals check out the deals forum

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    Whilst the search shows that the Corollas are available to U25s I’d be sceptical.

    The cars needs to be under 120bhp.

    the Corolla has 122hp. So theoretically it shouldn’t be available

    also no BMWs are available to u25s, even though in the last quarter the 116d was , now it’s unsuitable, glad I didn’t order as god knows what would happen. Such a mess

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    Skoda Kamiq is available as an Auto and for under 25

    not much smaller than the Ateca and well spec’ed

    SE is £0

    SEL is £595

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    Matt B

    Skoda dealership in Bolton was offering £250 cashback on selected models until 30th Sept.

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