Advice – Tow bar for bike Rack – unviable to pay every 3 years

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      My other half would need a tow bar fitted to motability car so he can use his push bike.  This means every 3 years when we get a new car paying for a tow bar to be fitted (as I understand from others here you can’t fit your own tow bar).    This means paying between £1,500 – £2000 to have this fitted each time.

      I rang Motatbility and they said that we would need to ask for permission from them to fit the tow bar but didn’t say you can’t fit it yourself.    At what point do they say it has  to be fitted by a professional?

      Any other thoughts on ways around this problem to make it cheaper?

      thank you

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        Surely something like a Thule OutWay hanging 2 bike rack, you can swop and change between vehicles would be the best way to go.



          I’ve seen a bike rack that uses straps and hangs from the back, it locks into place when you close the hatchback. Also, think about a roof rack, easy to fit and quite cheap.


            there are no bike racks yet from Thule or other brands that fit the Smart#1 which is now our first choice of car.  Apparently this car is too new to the market for a bike rack to be made as yet.

            I guess we would have to hope a rear bike rack becomes available

            thanks for your comments


              Mobility inform the towbar needs to be fitted by a VAT registered company and installed in compliance with the manufacture instructions, you while be resizable for any damage, if you fit it yourself you will invalidate your warranty.

              You also need to inform Motability insures, I believe that may even include bike racks.


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