Advice required from the girls on the forum.

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    Christmas is just around the corner and I’m looking for advice on what I should get Mrs Brydo as a gift. Like so many people across the world she has struggled to cope with this pandemic so I would like to cheer her up if I can. I am her carer so I try to do this as much as possible through ” normal” times but as we all know we are not in normal times.

    I am actually hopeless at picking gifts, actually useless, so any advice you can give would be of great help.

    Full disclosure, if I lived to 100 I don’t think I would understand woman lol guys are so much simpler to understand.

    Budget, the skies the limit, anything under £50, I did say I was Scottish didn’t l lol.

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    I might live in Yorkshire, But I am of Scottish birth. So on that basis I am doubly screwed.

    I would help if you told us what she likes, interests etc etc

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    Joss she likes woman things, I hope that helps lol

    She likes to dress nice, likes perfume and googles lots of stuff, so maybe a new phone.

    She has great taste hence she picked me.

    She spends a lot of time at home but I just got her new PJ’s.

    This is why I need help.

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    Farid Miah


    I always find jewellery always cheers my wife up no end.

    Last time I bought some from here…good quality and not too expensive.

    All the best


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    i was fortunate my late wife loved swarovski animals and each year they would do a special annual edition so that solved my xmas dilema for many years. and it turns out they were quite a good investment as they sold for much more than i paid for them. i have kept a couple that were particularly sentimental.

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    Thanks for your input guys.

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    Does not matter what you get her the thought that counts.

    sorry what that means is

    does not matter what you get her , it depends what mood she’s in as to weather  it’s a good gift or not (a hoover cause yous need one is not a good idea)

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    Mrs W has particular rules when it comes to presents. Nothing with a plug on, and always enclose the receipt so she can take it back and get what she really wants, which she didn’t tell me at the time.

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    On the hoover subject Martino’s I love it when I get tools, the kids will say “why don’t you want a real present” and I explain tools are a real present. As I do all the cooking and cleaning a hoover would be OK for me, our dyson must be ten years old.

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    Its strange that all the tips have came from the guys on the forum.

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    It’s probably because being a Sunday afternoon, the women are  busy with domestic chores , not idly chattering on forums.

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    Wigwam or it’s because you find it seems to be men that do a lot of the stuff around the house so they know

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