Advice please order or wait for q1

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    Decided to order a Peugeot 5008 1.5 blue hdi auto gt line,

    do I order now or wait for q1

    its a tough decision 👍

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    Tony D

    You have chosen a specific car, presumably after much deliberation.
    As of today, the car IS available on the scheme; and clearly at an acceptable price to suit your budget.

    Come next January:-
    1.   That particular car might not be on the scheme.
    2.  If it is on the scheme, the AP could be higher.
    3.  The registration is still on a 68 plate.
    4.  Any end-of-year dealer offers will have probably been removed.

    If you really want to wait, and it’s a reduction in the AP you’re wanting, then check back in here during the last week of December for any early news.

    Personally, as you’re still five weeks away from Q1 – go for it now while its quieter, and get the car earlier in the new year.

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    Thanks for the reply Tony,

    some good points,

    Might book one more test drive and take the plunge,

    I would hate it to go if the scheme👍

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    you could ask the dealer the question of if I order now and ap drops before delivery will drop what i have to pay you by same amount. I am sure you will find a dealer willing to put that in writing for you.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Craig if your set on a particular vehicle then it may be prudent to to use your situation to your advantage, for example a dealership is more likely to give a discount to make a sale before the end of the year targets, I would point out to the salesperson your able to order now but anticipate the AP dropping Q1 (which is likely now they have second hand value available) ask if they can offer a discount if order now and on the condition if the car isn’t available till after 1st January that if the AP lowers then you want it at that price and any discount they have agreed.

    A email (multi email so others can see who you’ve emailed) to all the garages that your willing to travel to stating the model and any colour choice your willing to consider, stating your willing to order with imidiate affect and invite best offers. Exclude your local garage for now but when you get replies you will have a good idea of offers available and be able to speak in person with your local dealer with confidence that your willing to order if they can match or better offers you’ve already received and at the lower AP should that arise. Go with all paperwork needed willing to order there and then if they are able to satisfy your requirements. Good hunting Craig

    as RICO says get it in writing. There has been cases on here where the salesperson has left and no records of offers.



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    Fantastic advice guys, nothing more for me to add, other than that’s a great choice Craig with heart and head agreeing with each other.

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    Just a thought, have you looked at the Grandland X  I know it’s a Vauxhall but it’s really a 3008 in a different frock! Just putting it out there as I have seen a few offers at my local Vauxhall dealer.

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    As ever great advice guys,

    thanks for all your input,

    will let you know how it goes👍

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    Just had a dealer saying if I order now he will guarantee that if the  q1 ap goes down I will pay that price,

    how does this work does the dealer have to stand this cost is he not taking a gamble👍

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    This is common Craig, and the perfect outcome for you, in that you cannot lose.

    The dealer will pay the difference if the AP goes down in Q1, which they can afford to do out of the profit – even if this swallows their profit, they still have a sales target to reach and your sale will assist in that.

    My only advice would be to get the dealer to put this down in writing for you, that way if the salesman leaves all of a sudden you have proof of the deal.

    Congratulations Craig, now all you got to negotiate on is mats, boot liner, and fuel… unless you can think of anything else you would like thrown in free?

    keep us updated.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    im going in on Friday to order,

    he says he will write it on the order form,

    hopfully this is 3rd time lucky I’ve had 2 cars fall thru already,

    by the time I get this one it will be almost a year its taken to get a vehicle .

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    Ordered the Peugeot 5008 on Friday,just wish Peugeot had a tracking system in place,

    i have been lied to so much by dealers that I would have liked a way of checking the cars progress myself.

    they could tell me whatever they want they could even sit on the order for a while.

    gues it’s judt another waiting game,

    strangley it’s due in March which will make it a year since I ordered the first one👍

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    I ordered the car fri morning,

    should I be concerned that the dealer hasn’t put the order thru to motability yet,still showing as no application?

    thanks for any advice 👍

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    I would give the dealer a ring to ask the status.

    There is an important message alert from motability to dealers advising they are having problems generating documents for applications.

    It may or may not be related to this, thus a call to the dealer to ask why the delay would be prudent to set your mind at ease.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    i will give them a ring 👍

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    I’m sure all is well, be interesting to hear if the delay is due to the online application system though.

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    Heard on another forum that the UK wait time for a 5008 is 7 months and they are moving production to a different factory,

    if this is true my dealer is telling lies,after two cars falling thru,

    im beginning to lose hope in ever getting another car.especially with the disruption of Brexit to deal with as well🙏

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