Advice on my BMW 320i Sport (not happy)

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    Hello –

    Can I get advice….I ordered my 320i sport in July and the build system had all the updates including on the description of the live cockpit plus that it would have the new 5’1 inch digital dash, idrive 7 and hey bmw + android auto…

    I collected my car end of September and it didnt have the new dash….so I was already disappointed and then over the last week of driving I’ve realised it’s running idrive 6, no hey bmw assistant and no android AUTO…but it’s got the flappy padels which was part of the new update….I’ve emailed the salesman and informed motability…they have said they have my back and expect the dealer to look after me….but the salesman said he would have to look and see if when I ordered the car I made a request for idrive 7…..obviously that is a part of the car you cant change and so there was no need for me to say anything….but I expected what I ordered and what was on the build system the day we went through the order….like I specced the black leather with orange stitching + mineral white paint and I went with the 19imch wheels…..and on that order was the description for the new dash and idrive……

    How to I get this sorted out?


    Any advice?

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    A Ali

    I picked up my car in lock down and it wasn’t working. After read the manual and watching some YouTube clips I found out that it needs to be activate it on the setting

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    Lord Muc

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Ali, you are right, definitely works, you need to activate it on the idrive, as the YouTube, clip i posted.</p>
    I guess its being missed in pre delivery, due to covid restrictions on being in the car.

    I had to configure the wing mirrors as they weren’t set to close on lock.

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    A Ali

    It’s true there is soo much tech on these new BMWs takes you a few weeks to work out what’s what. Having said that I love the car with on the idrive 7 tech. There’s even more you can add on with coding but haven’t got around to doing any of that and abit worried. Has anybody else tried bmw coding ?

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    Lord Muc

    Ali, I have considered it, but not a performance tweak, as that would be in breach of the insurance, it would be more comfort, unfortunately not a lot, if anything, on the gran coupe, can be coded at the moment.

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    Paul Lea

    Thanks for the tip😉👍


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    A Ali

    @ lord muc I didn’t mean performance coding its fast enough for me . I meant tech coding maybe adding more colours for the ambient lighting or screen mirroring etc

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