Advice on my BMW 320i Sport (not happy)

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    Hello –

    Can I get advice….I ordered my 320i sport in July and the build system had all the updates including on the description of the live cockpit plus that it would have the new 5’1 inch digital dash, idrive 7 and hey bmw + android auto…

    I collected my car end of September and it didnt have the new dash….so I was already disappointed and then over the last week of driving I’ve realised it’s running idrive 6, no hey bmw assistant and no android AUTO…but it’s got the flappy padels which was part of the new update….I’ve emailed the salesman and informed motability…they have said they have my back and expect the dealer to look after me….but the salesman said he would have to look and see if when I ordered the car I made a request for idrive 7…..obviously that is a part of the car you cant change and so there was no need for me to say anything….but I expected what I ordered and what was on the build system the day we went through the order….like I specced the black leather with orange stitching + mineral white paint and I went with the 19imch wheels…..and on that order was the description for the new dash and idrive……

    How to I get this sorted out?


    Any advice?

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Cheers Mike and Rob. Phytonic blue is a nice colour. Looking forward to seeing some pics. The standard spec on the sport line is very good. I know the electric seats are a very expensive option, so couldn’t go for them unfortunately.  Nevertheless all around spec is still pretty decent. PS</p>

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    Dave G

    I love the Phytonic Blue also, looks very exclusive. @PS, i’ve went for the Mineral Grey Touring and as Rob mentioned before, hides the dirt very well!

    Yes, the electric seat function is not worth it, a bit bizzare as they have not excluded that out of the packs. Suprisingly the sunroof can be purchased as stand alone and the packs have been shuffled around in the configurator.

    Overall, most of the features on there as standard is surprisingly premium considering all of that for a BMW and being a Sport spec! Gives a bit of a tap on the face to Audi and now VW also for charging extras on silly things! Wouldn’t be surprised to see a charge in the future for cupholders or even the steering wheel!

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    Paul L

    Which colours are free of charge for the BMW 3 Series sport? It states only the white and black are FOC but I know that with my VW GTD some premium colours were free to Motability customers.

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    Dave G

    Paul L, all Metallic colours on the BMW are FOC. It does mention on their brochure in small print. I believe they only have three special colours on the M Sport and above.

    I remember getting the Black Pearl Effect Pearlescent FOC on my Golf GT. It is a beautiful eye catching colour at night and under sunlight.

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    Paul L

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I’ve just had my 6 year PIP renewal confirmed, and my Golf GTD is due to be returned in March. I think by the comments on here that I had better get my order in sharpish for and Premium car ,especially BMW.

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    According to this news article iDrive 7 is coming as an over the air update to selected older systems. Hope this helps. 

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    The update that they will roll out will only update the cars that already have os7 which is a shame. I picked mine up the other day and has os7 on there Anthony.  I asked my dealer and he said all cars which entered production after the 1st of July should come as standard with live cockpit plus and bmw assistant. I would definitely contact your dealer about your issue again or maybe speak to someone higher up. Will post pics of mine when I get chance.

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    Dave G

    How you finding the driving experience Rob? Was the handover ok? Do post some pics when you get the chance! I pick mine in 2 weeks. Cannot wait!

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    The driving experience is superb.  The handling on it is amazing best I’ve experienced yet of all the cars I have driven. The handover was easy going took about 20 minutes at most. Ill take some pics tomorrow and post them later that day.

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    Hi I’m new in this forum and first of all I’m very disapointed with the waiting time. I’v oredered car on 7th August and pick up time is week commencing 8th February 2021. Is that realy happend? A bit weirid?!

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    Rob did you post pictures ? can’t find them

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    I have posted some pics this morning sorry for the delay. At the moment they are not showing do they need approving before they show?

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    Ok so the first pics i posted didn’t post so ill do them again


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    Some pics i had to edit to protect personal info. Phytonic blue 320i sport with oyster leather ( seat cushions to protect ) with aluminium mesh trim. Also swapped out the front grill for a all black one. If anyone has any questions or wants to see something else i can take more pics if needed.

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    Sorry for the delay been really busy as of late but here are some pics.









    Phytonic blue with oyster interior (seat cushion to protect) and aluminium mesh trim. Two of the pics i have covered some personal info 🙂 If there is anything else you want to see just let me know.

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    Hmmm does look good Rob…

    Did you have to pay for the black grill?

    Is that Android auto? how does it run?

    What is the sound quality like? I’m thinking of having the H&K upgrade…




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    Beautiful car, love the colour combo but the cushions totally take away from the look!

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    I agree about those cushions. They remind me of dog toilet training pads. Aside from that the car looks lovely and those dials look so much better than those on the Msport.

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    Rob are those screens standard?

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    Yeah I know the cushions aren’t the best and only a temporary protection for the leather . I wear jeans quite often and hear that the dark denim blue can come off onto the leather so bit paranoid at the moment. The grill is not standard grill and was bought from a online site which I fitted myself.  Yes it comes with android auto as standard now and runs perfect with no problems ( mostly uses it for Spotify). The sound system is decent the hk would be a better choice though. All the screens are now standard at that size.


    Anyone else had experience with white or oyster interior before . If so does the dye off jeans really come off ?

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    You can also buy a few things to add to the car afterwards from the connected drive app store which is sent remotely to your car which then unlocks the feature on your car like high beam assist etc.

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    Dave G

    Beautiful colours Rob, thank you for sharing! I was also going to ask about the front grill. I mean i’m going to have to put some light tints in the rear and was wondering if turning the bumper from chrome/silver to black at the tint shop was allowed and it looks so much better!

    I was going to go for the oyster white interior also but dealer said it can get really hard to clean so didn’t go ahead.

    Also Rob what do you mean by the connected drive app store? Did you download an app to access features or? Thanks again for sharing! I collect mine next week.

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