Advice on my BMW 320i Sport (not happy)

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    Hello –

    Can I get advice….I ordered my 320i sport in July and the build system had all the updates including on the description of the live cockpit plus that it would have the new 5’1 inch digital dash, idrive 7 and hey bmw + android auto…

    I collected my car end of September and it didnt have the new dash….so I was already disappointed and then over the last week of driving I’ve realised it’s running idrive 6, no hey bmw assistant and no android AUTO…but it’s got the flappy padels which was part of the new update….I’ve emailed the salesman and informed motability…they have said they have my back and expect the dealer to look after me….but the salesman said he would have to look and see if when I ordered the car I made a request for idrive 7…..obviously that is a part of the car you cant change and so there was no need for me to say anything….but I expected what I ordered and what was on the build system the day we went through the order….like I specced the black leather with orange stitching + mineral white paint and I went with the 19imch wheels…..and on that order was the description for the new dash and idrive……

    How to I get this sorted out?


    Any advice?

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    Hi I had the same problem with 320i ,when was the handover time i sign all paperwork then we went to see the car i a noticed straight away idrive6 so i didnt collect the car because when i order a car i asked sales man if its idrive 7 and if its not then i want to cancel the order and he confirm that in email saying idrive7, and I am waiting for new car again they reordered with compensation as follow £600 off of A/P

    And free H/K sound system

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    When did you ordered a car?

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    I noticed the dash wasnt the updated version but I thought it, maybe i was wrong about how it was suppose to look…

    But then over the last week and a half I’ve realised it’s running idrive 6 and no android AUTO…..motability have told me that if the salesman doesn’t sort it out for me they will intervene and go up the chain….they said they deal with these kind of things every day….

    Dont get me wrong, I love the car, it’s amazing and a worthy successor to my golf GTD which I was sad to say goodbye to…..and the idrive 6 is great and the dash looks fine (not as good as my fully digital dash that I had on my golf gtd) but still I’m very happy with it all…..but its bothering me that I didnt get what I ordered, so I’m gonna see what happens and hopefully they will look after me without me having to put in a formal complaint…

    I wish I had your dealer and they offered me a free h/k system….awesome

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    I ordered the car beginning of july after bmw changed the build site with the new updated brochure….the system had all the new kit listed included the new live cockpit plus description with idrive 7

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi All, yes this is pretty strange as you should have got the new updated version with the new live cockpit plus. I ordered mine end of July or June before  new prices came out before beginning of July and got the updates. They are way much more better and when you have the sat back giving you directions it also comes up with a little map on the cockpit- pretty cool I must say so it is worthwhile going back and asking for I drive 7 which also has the vitalise program and hey BMW installed. All the best PS</p>

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    When you ordered, IDrive 7 with the live cockpit had become standard equipment.
    Therefore tell the salesman there was no need to specify you wanted it. You didn’t need to specify four wheels!!

    Get on this as hard as possible. You’ve been provided a stock car that suited your spec but is the previous generation model.

    I read, with interest, Vlads exact same issues, that is being sorted through perseverance, so don’t give up on this and insist on a cost reduction.
    Your dealer has breached The Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 as the vehicle delivered was not as ordered.
    Good luck. 🤞

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    After reading the comments I’m well and truly pissed now…..and now its the whole ball ache of trying to sort it out….and if they take the car back hopefully motobility will be able to get me a rental or bmw gives me a loaner…..I’ve emailed the salesman on Monday and he said he was back in the office Wednesday and would get back to me….didn’t hear anything and I’ve emailed him again and nothing back….so I’ve called the dealership and asked for a manager to call me….

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    Ask for the Dealer Principal and insist you’re not letting this drop so the sooner it’s sorted the better.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Just had the salesman ring…he said the car was built to my specs and wasnt stock…he told me that idrive 7 doesn’t come on the car and they havent done anything wrong…even though I told him it clearly states on the build site what you get with live cockpit plus….but he has said my car was built with the latest upgrades and he also said I didnt say that if I didnt get idrive 7 it was a deal breaker….he wouldn’t really talk more on the phone with me and asked me to go into the dealership in person 2moro so we can talk and they can show me paperwork on how the car was ordered and he said he will have his tech guy with him to explain things to me….sounds like they want to intimidate me and hang up on me….so I’m gonna bring my brother with me for backup….very upset with this whole thing now

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    Hey PS

    If you read this can you send me picks of your interior dash and idrive system so I can show the dealership 2moro…

    My email is

    Thx mate

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    Definite BS. Absolutely no need for a ‘tech’ guy. You’re right. Just intimidation tactics. I think you can still reject the car now but check this out. If you felt pressured into accepting it, then again, they’ve broken the Protection Regs. And then there’s the discussion you may have had with the dealer about the idrive 7 at the time of ordering.

    Here’s the link to the regulations so read through with your brother as he’ll be there. Perhaps a call to Citizens Advice as well might help. These supplement the Trade & Descriptions Act

    Keep remembering that your with this car for three years.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Also, looking around, others who ordered the same time as you were quoted 4 1/2 months+ for delivery so how on earth did they magic this puppy up in a little over 2 months? You’re being fed a line. I won’t go off on a rant about poor service in the UK but I hope you have the strength to see this through.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    Sorry to hear your situation .

    It baffles me that you were able to receive your car so soon.

    I ordered end of July and receiving only next week.


    Hope it gets sorted

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    It sounds very much like the car is a stock vehicle they had and unregistered and needed to offload before the newer idrive vehicles arrive

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    I ordered the car on the 6th July after the updates where live on the build system including the standard live cockpit plus with idrive 7…..after getting a vin report the date of production says 21st july… I placed the order on the 6th and 15 days later the car was produced…..


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    Dave G

    Hi Anthony. Sorry to hear about your experience. Hope your matter is resolved quickly. Quite a few customers elsewhere that have ordered the 320i Sport spec have discovered the system running on old software upon handover. It’s not something you’d want to see especially when you’re a customer that has been eagerly waiting for so long!

    Vlad had the same problem but I believe the 320i spec is being built in Mexico as it could be production errors. There should be no excuse to not apply the ID 7 software, as it was announced by BMW to be it standard as it also has the digital analog.

    I’ve ordered the Touring end of July and just had confirmation it is being built in Munich, Germany. It is being built earlier than the estimated arrival. It would be preferable if yours was being built in Munich as it would be quicker.

    Have you checked on your invoice that it states Live Cockpit Plus? Mine has a list of options that are on there. Hope it gets resolved for you. Stand your ground.

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    Dave G

    @PS, post some pictures if you can! If you would like to email me them instead let me know! I’d love to see yours. Also, did you get your problem resolved as you had a recall?

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    They was trying to make me sure that the car is idrive 7 and i said not this is not idrive 7 as i had 2 series gran tourer where was idrive 6 and in my email is saying idrive 7  so i  can tell it is different,,,and I put straight  away complain to head quater,,,,

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    Dave G

    Vlad, that’s disgusting. Here’s me thinking it was an accident. How do dealers get away with this?? Report them to head office and Motability. 😡

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    Has anyone got pics of idrive 7 dash?

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    Tbh this will all depend on when the factory change build date was, it might be somewhere in terms and conditions. Either way you have nothing to lose by fighting your case.

    In the case of it being Motability I’m sure they will hope you just take it on the chin because we don’t own the cars but don’t let it slide

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    Dave G

    @Daisy, managed to find one on the net, as posted previously on another thread. The instrument cluster is now a digital analog.

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    Dave G

    And another from a side angle. I was hoping PS could share some with us if that’s fine by him otherwise wait a week or two, I can try obtain some. Such a shame there is no reviews out there for the updated ID 7 Sport spec. Too many M Sport reviews.

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    Thanks Dave G The only ones I’ve seen is for the m sport don’t think its the same could be wrong

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    Dave G

    No that’s Live Cockpit Professional which is completely digital and standard on M Sport. You will see that everywhere on YouTube reviews etc. I find that quite too dark and boring. Good thing is, it has a bigger instrument cluster and a 10 inch infotainment screen.

    Whereas, the Live Cockpit Plus running on ID 7 is the above pictures. Basically before July 2020, the Sport spec had normal analogue dials with needles displayed that you would see on a ordinary vehicle.

    So SE/Sport specs after July 2020, when you start the vehicle it is running on Live Cockpit Plus/ID7 (standard now). The needles, numbers and the display on the dash flash up as a digital screen. I find this much more appealing than the one you get on the M Sport. Only downpoint is, the Sport spec gets a smaller 8 inch infotainment screen.

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