Advice on choosing a mobility scooter and boot hoist.

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      I am fter some advice on buying a sturdy mobility scooter, that will be suitable to put in the boot of  a small crossover/SUV, so my dad to get out more on his bad days.

      It will mainly serve the purpose for getting around town centres, that aren’t perhaps as flat as they should be and weekly shopping etc.

      They are looking to renew there car, which at this stage will be a small class B crossover/SUV somethin like the Renault Captur or Vauxhall Mokka etc, unless I can get them size up to a slightly bigger car.

      I have been looking at the likes of the TGE Zest/Zest +, Livewll Jaunt that you can break down into 4 sections but, there are still heav sections to lift over 20kg, which my mum might struggle with, as she has a weak upper arm shoulder, so its highly likely a boot hoist will be needed.

      What scooters would you recommend or have yourself along with which hoist you use 🙂

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      Avatar photoWillis

        I have experimented with several different boot scooters, including going up to a Rascal Vista DX to get the extended range (supposedly up to 34 miles) but as I am a fairly big guy at 6′ 3″ tall and 16 stone I don’t get anywhere near stated mileage with any scooter.

        There are several other considerations you may wish to consider though, especially as you say your mum has a weak arm/shoulder.

        Firstly, leaving a scooter fully assembled creates problems when it comes to fitting it into most car boots and trying to lift the seat off and fold the tiller down can take some doing. I would consider myself very strong when it comes to upper body strength yet still find undoing the locking nut of several different scooter tillers quite stiff to undo. Lifting the seat off can be even harder, especially as some seats are quite wide and heavy. My balance is pretty rubbish so I struggle to lift the seat off most scooters and my wife finds it impossible, despite being able bodied and quite fit.

        Leaving a seat on but just folding the back down and the tiller over will still mean that you (they) need a car with a boot height of about 78cm, but that’s not the only problem, as the boot will also need to be fairly square, otherwise the lift cannot lift the scooter in far enough to provide clearance to shut the boot.

        Some boot scooters fold up with everything attached, but the two I have tried were not particularly stable and both had weight limits that ruled them out as possibilities for me, but they might work for your dad, however, they would need to be laid flat after folding to fit into a smaller boot and any boot hoist would struggle to reach down to the floor and then be able to lift the scooter up into the boot as the lifting arm doesn’t have the room to move that far.

        Having tried multiple scooter types, I have tried and returned, then tried and returned again to Pride Mobility scooters. They seem to be the M&S of boot scooters, don’t cost the earth and have proved much more reliable than most. Resale costs for them on eBay seem to be far higher than most makes too, which is probably because of the reliability. I currently have a Pride GoGo elite traveller sport as my main boot scooter (the sport bit just means that the floor pan is 2 inches longer than the standard traveller) which I need because of my height. I also have two battery boxes, one containing lithium batteries for the range and the other containing lead acid batteries that I use when taking the scooter abroad. Leaving the seat on, with both arm rests in place but the tiller folded forward, I need 78cm height clearance and 94cm width to fit the scooter into the boot. My hoist is an 80kg Autochair Smartlifter.


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          Mrs Joe has a Li-Tech scooter from Careco. It collapses into 4 parts, it has a lithium battery which is very light, the battery pack is usually the heaviest part. It’s also very sturdy. They are a few in the range depending what mileage range you want.


            We’ve had a few scooters on the scheme, the last one was a Monarch Mobi, which folded with a remote and attached to the hoist complete via a bracket that was fitted just before we picked up the car (RAV4), it worked really well and my wife had no problems using it by herself, but it cost us close to £3k for those 3 years we had it so last year we decided to buy our own and went with a powered wheelchair instead ( we paid about £895 with 2 batteries and it’s been great, my wife says it’s a lot more comfortable than a scooter, like sitting in a chair compared to riding a bike.

            We haven’t got a bracket for it yet so haven’t used the hoist for it but we’re changing car soon so might be getting one then. I’ve had no problem lifting it into the car but it is quite heavy, my wife couldn’t do it, you could lighten it by removing the batteries first which would take seconds and it folds to the size of a suitcase.

            I’m not sure which hoist we’ve got just that it was way more than we needed, the dealer quoted us the ‘hoist transfer’ price so when we picked the car up it was an extra £350 on top of what we were expecting, we’ve since seen some portable boot hoists that we’re considering which seem just as easy and take up less room.

            If they do go with a fitted hoist they would need to check the car they get can have one fitted, some cars just can’t, my son’s Mini would be lucky to get a Gnome with a fishing rod lol


              @Willis very in depth and has certainly given me something to think about. As for the Pride gogo elite, I have put it on my list along with the Pride Apex. I also notice both of these scooters have suspension, which may be benificial to my dad considering his cancer has spread to some of his bones.

              After looking up the scooter, the heaviest section when dimantled is 15kg. That is at least 10kg lighter than others I have seen. The big question is whether my mum will be able to comfotably lift 15kg along with the lighter sections in and out the boot withou an hoist. I have also added it to my list.

              interesting suggestion and one I never thought about. I will take a look at the website tomorrow thanks.

              Thank you Guys 🙂

              Anyone else with suggestions welcomed.


                I started my scooter years with a basic and cheap pavement scooter with the normal break into 5 pieces assemble and dissemble. It packed up after a couple of years.

                My second scooter had suspension in the form of a shock absorber in the seats supporting stem.

                Having now felt the difference even that basic suspension made I soon upgraded to a scooter with all round suspension and highly recommend having this in any scooter.

                With MB cars getting so expensive for large scooter carrying ones I changed to an auto-folding scooter again with all around suspension, something that has only appeared last past few years, and use this to this day.

                Advantages of the 5 piece scooters is the chair and its ability to swivel around and is the one thing I really miss, and overlooked, in my folding scooter but unfortunately is just one of many disadvantages of being disabled as we all know.

                With my 1st (CareCo badged) and 2nd (Pride GoGo elite with seat suspension) scooters I struggled with 3 hatchback cars on MB and the assembling and dissembling methods and yes the platform piece with the tiller on can be a nightmare to lift along with the motor piece so think your mother will struggle with it as I’m, although unstable on my feet and only have use of one arm and hand I’m still strong in the other bits of me that do work and while lifting anything of that weight is hard, lifting to the height of a cars sills is out of the question for many.

                Moving on I then had an Auto-Chair hoist fitted in my 4th car as it happened I was able to afford a slightly bigger car that accommodated the scooter fully assembled. That said halfway through that lease I changed to the all around suspension (Pride GoGo Traveller De-lux) and while both scooters where identical the all rounder would not go into the car without removing the scooters chair and assumed the suspension lifted the height a little bit.

                The auto folder I use today weights in 16 Kg less than my 5 piece 42 Kg scooters and although I can just about man-handle (are we still allowed to say that these days) it into the car over time it would totally destroy the cars bodywork along with the scooter itself so I use an “Elev8” portable hoist that cost as much as one Auto-Chair hoist install but should last for many future cars but highly recommend if you want to try one of these is to check it out at a Careco store as it might not be suitable for many, in fact I know it isn’t. The Elev8 platform weights in at a manageable, for me at least, 11 Kg.


                Sorry my memory failed me then but my 2nd scooter was the Pride GoGo Traveller Elite with the suspension in the seat while my 3rd was a Pride Apex Rapid with all around suspension.

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                  @ChrisK thanks 🙂

                  Which fold up scooter d you use and is it manual or electrc fold?


                    Hi kezo

                    It’ fully automatic folding and unfolding.

                    I bought from an online supplier who’s prices have a great discount however this can cause problems if anything goes wrong with the scooter while under its guarantee.

                    I’ve bought two of these because her indoors has age problems with her knees from time to time. The scooters were boxed and brand new and while my first one has been 100% reliable over the year or more I’ve had it the second one had a fault on its first day out that required it to be returned. Although there’s no charges for returns they would not send another new scooter out until they could make sure the scooter had not been misused in anyway that meant another few days without the scooter.

                    Just one downfall of buying online I suppose but overall its been worth it in the money I’ve saved and have bought three scooters from them.

                    Drive AutoFold Elite Shock-Absorbing Suspension Scooter

                    Avatar photoMenorca Mike

                      Is there any scooters about total weight around 15 kg that easy fold into car boot with out being in 4 sections etc ?


                        Is there any scooters about total weight around 15 kg that easy fold into car boot with out being in 4 sections etc ?


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