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    Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all well and I would like some advice regarding this constant money pit.

    I exchanged cars in March 21 for a 1.4 petrol sharan 150bhp, this car is constantly wanting me to put petrol in it, I do 52 miles a day taking my disabled son to and from school, and little bits In between but it’s costing me over 60 pounds a week, and I seriously am starting to struggle financially as I don’t work, so basically all my carers allowance goes on petrol for the week.

    take this morning for instance I had 30 miles left in tank covered about 3 miles and lost 10 miles in the tank, stopped and put £15 in it so it said I had 175 miles in tank, by the time I covered about 19 miles it already dropped to 140 miles in tank.

    If anyone has some great advice I would appreciate that loads or if anyone has had the same car did you have the same problems?  I’m not heavy footed on acceleration, nor do I give it the beans the instrument panel says car sometimes gets over 40 mpg but that isn’t reflected on petrol costs, I just don’t get it.

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    The’honest john’ real mpg site says 34 average for manual and 27 average for auto. If you do a lot of town driving its going to struggle to achieve even those figures. Big car and small engine so its always having to work fairly hard.

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    The Sharan and her sister the Seat Alhambra are known for being heavy of fuel- even the diesels. Any online search will give you this information from current and former users. Did you do some research and what led you to do the exchange and choose the Sharan?

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    Seems to me they’re making these things to drink the stuff(no matter how you drive) so to heavily tax them to be on the road, also tax through the tank😤

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    I’ve just ran a Touran for the last three years, with the same engine.  Around town we would achieve 23mpg but these were very short journey, on the longer runs motorway and A roads around 40mpg. This was acceptable for me as our annual mileage is only around 5k a year. Unfortunately there is no work around for how much fuel it’ll use. So if its getting financially difficult for you I would have a chat with motability and explain your situation and see what they can do for you.

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    My Alhambra 184 dsg 2.0 Diesel over the 3 years and 46,ooo miles averaged just about 28mpg and that was with 80% motorway with cruise set at 70mph, nice enough car but so heavy on fuel, on short town runs it could get down to 19 mpg for the entire short trip (my old Jag 4.2 XJ6 manual coupe did better than that)

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    Our 184 bhp dsg Alhambra has achieved over 36 mpg over the last four years. On a run, I regularly get over 42 mpg and have seen over 50 mpg on very rare gentle occasions.
    Must be some very heav footed drivers around.

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    I think the key thing there Littledave is that you go on longer runs as opposed to pottering around town. Nothing to do with heavy feet

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    Doing little runs like that you’d be so much better off in an EV but then you’d be sacrificing a lot of space so swings & roundabouts.

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