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    hi everyone just wanted some info on advance payments and the reason behind them, im due to place a new order next week and I was looking at the kuga st line edition 1.5 diesel £845 advance payment, now ive done some maths and this is what im stuck with the kuga cost £30.275 our allowance is £61.20 per week over 36 months that’s £8812.80 towards the cost which leaves £21.462.20 left now when ive raised this before with both dealership and motability the dealership say its motability who makes up the advance payments and motability tell me its the dealership who askes for it to cover the difference of cost because our allowance doesn’t fully cover it over 36 months obviously motability sell the cars at auction after our lease is up but I just cant see how there going to retrieve the remaning £21.462.20 for a 3 year old car with 10000 to 15000 miles on it and wear and tear ive had a look at a 2018 kuga st line edition same engine and there asking £19800 for it with 7000 miles on it just don’t add up can someone elaborate for me

    thank you

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    Very much so. I’m going from a Tigers Eye Kuga to a Indinium (or something) Grey Sharan 🙁

    Oh well, I’ll just have to have very bright fluffy dice! 🙂

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    jeep do some interesting colours, i like the yellow and the omaha orange. at least you wouldnt lose it in the car park.

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    It’s entirely possible to find out how much the car has cost motability in the end after manufacturer discounts and vat. We did a subject access request due to some other issues we had with motability and in the paperwork we were emailed was the full invoice from dealership to motability. In our case a 66 plate Jeep renegade longitude auto cost motability £11,616.28 after discount and removal of VAT. So the car only has to sell for around £3000 for a potential profit, although maybe a bit more once tyres, breakdown and insurance costs are recovered.

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