Advance Payment Lower in Q4, reorder?

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    If the AP on a vehicle I have ordered drops in Q4 and the vehicle has yet to be collected (projected mid October), would it be acceptable to ask the dealer to resubmit the order with the now lower AP? I guess the cut on the dealers end is the same either way.

    Motability say this should not be happening, though regularly mentioned as a done thing. What if I get some push back from the advisor? Press ahead and firmly ask for the now lower AP? (Should it drop).

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    Assuming the AP dropped, first ask the dealer if they will honour the price drop as some are happy to do so.

    If they won’t honour it, you can threaten to cancel the order and see if that changes the dealers mind.

    If it doesn’t, then have them cancel the order and then place a new order either with the same dealer (if still on good terms with them) or go to another dealership.

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    It is as Whisky said, but dealers are good at working around the figures, depending on the size of the drop i don’t think you’ll get much of an objection from them.

    I can’t see the cx-5 dropping further, i’m more expecting a rise tbh.

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    Thank you both, I thought the same about the CX-5 being unlikely to drop. I just like to be prepared and get some options in before hand should it happen.

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    Matt I had the same concerns when ordering due to quarter changes. to save any unnecessary worry ring the salesperson that you ordered with, state your concerns and request should the AP drop then you want to pay that amount.

    this is not an unreasonable request. “Fact”  The dealership gets paid the same handerling charge from Motability if it’s £0000 AP or £3750 every car type  every quarter has an individual order number. Dealerships can easily cancel and reorder under new code within minutes, don’t be shy to ask its makes no difference to them.

    P.S in my case the AP raised buy £200 but my agreement and discount still stood.

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    My dealer and their willingness in writing:

    “With regards to the new advance payments from October the 1st, if it goes down it is something you would need to discuss with Motability as it is not something we can amend. If of course it goes up the previous price will be honoured.”

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    Matt, the dealer would not put in writing that they can cancel and reorder, simply as it goes against what motability advise and they could get in trouble.

    I’m sure if the Q4 AP decreases, then a face-2-face conversation with the dealer would result in a very different outcome in your favour.  They know you have the option to cancel at any point prior to entering your pin, with no reason given, and wouldn’t want to risk you going elsewhere.


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    I’m not sure Trev. They may try and force my hand with the deposit side of things.

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    i ordered a ford mondeo,and the ap dropped by £500.motabilty told me a deposit is a deposit.this happened to me once before where a £1300 ap was reduced to nil so this time i was not going to let this happen again.the only reason motability let me have it at the reduced ap was because i said i would cancel the car and come off motability.they just said this a one off and it won’t be done again.

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I’m not so sure Trev. As the dealers only make £50 per Motability car (apparently) I can see they’d be peed off if someone did this, more so if it was a Motab customer. Wouldn’t they view that as a wasted slot that they could’ve  given to a customer that was more profitable?</p>

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    Sorry Matt, didn’t realise you had paid a deposit.

    Does it say anything in the paperwork for the deposit about cancelling?

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    That’s the thing, the money is a transfer from Motability (same money that was the original Karoq). I have had no paperwork of any kind. The response in writing today was after a phone call asking the question. The dealership will likely fallback on the motability payment transfer and label it a deposit should things become in anyway more complicated for them.

    Should I have 100% had paperwork at order or is it acceptable to have the whole lot at collection?

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    They make a lot more than that DrOctor, they wouldn’t pay £££’s on motability training and merchandise for only £50 a car. The sale guy might only make £50 in commission for the sale of the car, perhaps that’s where that figure comes from.

    What i didn’t know was the Matt had paid a deposit, so yes my answer may be incorrect depending on the terms of the deposit.

    Retail and Motability customers will cancel orders all the time for differing reasons, it’s part and parcel of the business. Retail sales are more profitable for the sale guy, commission wise, so a cancelled motability ordered offered to a retail customer could work well in their favour.

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    ordered hyuandi ionic 14 sept £1299  1ST OCT £199  spoke to dealer no problem sorted in minutes maybe i was lucky. none of these ap,s seem to make sense.


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    They dont make sense… Why so happy to lose 1100 and make it so easy to reorder? Very odd.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>#Harry    the dealers don’t lose anything as they get a set fee per car no matter how much the deposit is and they’ll make it easy to reorder so the customer doesn’t cancel and go elsewhere</p>

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