Adios Motability, it’s been good while it lasted

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    After 30 brilliant years leasing some fab cars (and some interesting cars on Motability HP before that) its time to say a reluctant farewell. There’s literally nothing on the scheme for me. What scraps there were have been removed and I have to admit its time to move on.

    I’m not even angry with Motability- after all there’s no way I would have driven amazing cars like a Scirocco, Citroen AXGT, Skoda Superb 200bhp, Volvo V40, Hyundai Coupe- without it. Many, many happy memories of great cars, driven with total peace of mind.

    I’m lucky to have had other cars and built up no claims bonuses and confidence in buying second hand, but I’m genuinely upset for those who have no alternative.

    When we save money at home, its for a rainy day. I would urge Motability to dip into its coffers and use those massive reserves to help the scheme survive and flourish for those it aims to help during this difficult time.

    However I don’t want to leave bitter. I’m grateful and thankful that we were pulled out of blue three wheelers and into transport we could be proud of and cherish, creating many happy motoring memories.

    Still won’t forgive the Daily Mail and Richard Littledick, though.

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    Good thoughts. Hopefully it’ll pass and improve soon

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    Thanks. I genuinely think it will improve in 18 months; probably no sooner.

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    All the best mate, I echo what you say having been on the scheme myself for 25 years and having had some great cars over that period and worry free motoring which I feel has always been the main attraction for many including myself.  I feel fortunate to have just started a new lease in another good car and like others am hoping that in the medium term and certainly in 3 years time things will have improved 🙏

    Otherwise I’ll be following ya out of the scheme pal 👊

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    You’ve timed it right Paul- good luck there. Things should be much better on your renewal with a plethora of electric cars doing 500 mile ranges at zero deposit! Well, one can dream….

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    @Psuader with your 30 year history of the mobility scheme, I and many others here appreciate the candour of your post. I do hope that you will still drop in from time to time.

    Best wishes

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    I have had some great cars, and there were others, the 3 series coupe, Xc60 which regretfully  passed me by. The scheme is a shadow of it´s former self, however, so is the world at present. Hopefully come 2023 number will be on the up again.

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    Thanks joss; I certainly will be dipping in and out. I may even return when things are back up to speed! Just hope the most needy get answers soon.

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    ive had a love hate relationship with mobility, joined in 1988.most part was its been ok.but got removed from the scheme once for wheelchair damage on the back of my car seat, got a big fine to replace the whole thing.deposits going up and down when ordered.dealers charging me extra on hand controls while they waited with the car so they say.and now there is not one suitable car on the scheme for me and family.i have a mondeo estate and need the larger estate for two wheelchairs.mine and the wife,so tempted to just come off the scheme as my pip re-assessment is due when I’m supposed to renew my next lease.first time mobility would not let me get a car till it was all sorted out, which took over 12 months.but at the moment second hand car prices are sky high.and so are ap on most cars on the scheme which I really can’t see changing, and now mobility are starting to charge for basic push and pull hand controls.i do think things will get better psuader but like you say not for a long time.and I’m not really being sold on the whole electric thing.takes less than 5 mins to fill a full tank.i think the scheme and motabilty relationship with dealers needs changing.yesterday I read on mobility twitter from Audi that its mobility that are in control of what’s available on the list.but I can’t help but think is the grass greener on the other side.

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    Psuader your right some great stuff we had the Hyundai coupe although on HP we had the 106 xsi pocket rocket an MX5 The Focus convertible also on Hp then the X trail. To name a few  And now 3 months into the Vivaro e life it’s perfect snd we have 4 plus years to hope things get better, hope you find a way forward

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    Fantastic post. Certainly sounds you have had some really good cars. Been on the scheme for 10 years now myself and i have had 4 great cars myself so for me Motability has been brilliant… However if i was to pick a car tomorrow i really couldnt do it. Any car i like has insane AP prices.

    It does feel like the scheme has turned a corner and is getting too expensive to be viable if you want a good car.

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    And you can come back when the time is right for you.

    You have had some great cars, for sure, are you not tempted by the electric offerings and get a free home charger?

    And yes, the DM were scum, they did so much damage to the scheme and our opportunities.

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    Dumfriesdik, spot on, I was genuinely ready to order an EV  and felt they could be perfect for me as a tech lover and an early adopter but I began to have doubts and concerns:-

    1. I have a grown up, tall family and most EVs available on the scheme are the smaller/ medium cars. I need to accommodate 3 adults comfortably on the back seats at least.

    2. A wait of more than 3-4 months was not comfortable. Im so impatient!

    3. It’s still early days and I believe the tech will jump hugely over the next couple of years before it settles. As will the infastructure.

    4. Pricing is all over the place, from quarter to quarter, right now. Again, needs to settle to allow a considered choice.

    To misquote a famous character: “I’ll be back…. possibly!”



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    I’m grateful and thankful that we were pulled out of blue three wheelers

    I used to work on the AC Invacars and the occasional Tippin not sure if that’s the right spelling.

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