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    what are peoples thoughts on ad blue

    i know it helps with emissions etc but what are your experiences with the cost etc as it seems rather expensive  we usually do about 40,000 miles per 3 year lease

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    it should be included in the lease. i thought they topped it up for free.

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    Adblue is simply that (lowers emissions) but no need to worry about the cost as  their is no charge. If a Dealerships tries charging tell them it’s included and should be put on thier system as ICME code 2317. Use the search box and you will find a few discussions on Adblue. One of which although 2 years old Motability confirmed it to a previous helpful poster GlosGuy who posted:

    Glos Guy
    OK. I now have a definitive answer from Motability and they DO pay for all AdBlue top ups throughout the duration of the lease. Quote from the reply to my email;

    “I am pleased to advise that the Ad-Blue top ups needed throughout the life of a Motability agreement would be free of charge. You would simply need to take the car into your dealership and they will arrange this for you”.

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    thanks for the replies –

    good to know

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    My Golf 1.5 tsi dsg is 2 years old I sure it has not had a service just a health check I’ve done 21.000 miles is this normal ?

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    ad blue is only for diesel engines and you should have had a service notice


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    Mike check your manufacturer service manual or simply phone your dealerships service department, tell them your On Motability and your mileage and registration and they will check on there system and book in any work needed.

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    I will call in listers Monday it’s only 5 miles away from me

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    My previous Motability car was a Golf and it’s service schedule was at 20,000 miles or at 2 years, whatever comes first then after that it’s just 1 MOT 1 month before the end of lease.

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    Thanks Chris that confirms it

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    Our Peugeot Rifter had the Ad Blue low level light come up a few weeks after delivery , I rang them and they sent me some as the converter was in Scotland and I’m in Kent .

    Not difficult to add but glad for this thread as I won’t need to do it again, wonder if it’s done automatically during a service …or do we have to ask ?

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    Do you know if Motability will reimburse me if I get receipts for the Ad-Blue and do it myself as it’s a 50 minute trip each way to my dealer and my car has quite a small Ad-Blue tank?

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    Vinal you can always ask dealer if they will give you a bottle. The worst they can say is No. I have a bottle from mine as 65 miles to my dealer so unless going to hospital and i tie it in, a fair round trip for just some Ad-blue.

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    Think I can actually buy it for less money than the dealer charges, just been there today for 1st inspection (only 4 weeks, should have been 6 but I’ve already got 1400 miles on it) and I forgot about AD-Blue, won’t be back there now for another year and with the mileage I usually do it will need topping up about 4-5 times a year.

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    Vinalspin I get the bottles free from the dealer they still bill motability. Just about to change car and we are on 53k so we do a fair few miles as well.



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    But that would cost me a good 10-12 quid in fuel plus the couple of hours there and back and would have to go every couple of months.

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    I maybe wrong but I believe some of us maybe caught up in only using our supplying dealership (unless it service and it has to be Manufacturer approved but you don’t have to use the supplying dealership). Any Motability dealership can charge Motability for supplying Adblue, if your in Scotland and visit Dorset and the light comes on any Motability dealership can top it up and charge Motability under the same code, the same with kwik fit if your not able to do it yourself or just want it checked they will check your tyre pressure etc, we are not tied to the supplying dealership we are tied to Motability and can use Any of their partnerships. Just Add fuel is the easiest way to look at it, everything  else is covered.

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    Does that mean I could use a different manufacturer if it’s only for AD-Blue?

    I have a Peugeot but I will not set foot in the local Evans Halshaw Peugeot Dealership ever again, there are lots of different Dealers near me that do Motability but obviously selling other makes of cars, if it is just to get some Ad-Blue from them to put in myself could I go to a BMW Dealership for example?

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    Just thought it might be worth pointing out that Ad-blue isn’t that expensive.

    Less than £10 for 10 litres.  My old C4 Grand Picasso used around 10 litres every 12,000 miles.

    Even Aldi and Staples stock it.

    Some cars are more of a pain than others to fill, the Citroen filler cap is under the third row of seats whereas Mercedes put the filler cap next to the fuel cap.

    The only problem I had was the low-level warning popping up when I was on holiday in Germany.  However Motability advised me that I could visit a local dealership, keep the receipt and claim a refund when I returned.  In the end, it cost me less than €10 for 4.5 litres and I didn’t see the point in claiming back such a small amount.

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    Depending on where you get your information as there are lots of opinions and stats, adblue use in modern cars is around a litre for every 500 miles (yes I know there are higher and lower numbers floating around, I’m trying to make a semi-justified point) – IF you had to buy it, it’s around £1 a litre depending on where you get it – worst case scenario, if your car uses it at a rate of a litre per 300 miles (never seen a number that low) you’d be looking at about an extra £1.50 per full tank of fuel, assuming a £70 tank, that’s barely 2% and that really is worst possible case. If you tend to drive economically, use goes down, different cars use it at different rates, so chances are you’d be below that again, and finally, the dealers are supposed to charge motability, so at the worst, it might cost an extra few quid or so a month, and it really shouldn’t cost anything at all.

    At 40k miles over 3 years, thats just over 13k a year, so worst case, well under 40 litres of ad-blue, less than £40 a year, and again, that’s absolutely worst case.

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    In the last 2 years we have topped up 3 times costing around £14 each time got told by dealer and mobility it’s covered.but we choose to top up our self  as dealer is over a hour away

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    Think the last three posters have got a good point, it’s really not expensive and should really be considered as part of the fuel costs rather than maintenance.

    There is also the extra costs the scheme incurs by getting the dealer to top it up, dealers being dealers are going to charge far more than the local car spares place or supermarket, throw in admin costs etc and come end of year accounts it must work out rather expensive for Motability.

    Of course if there is a genuine reason that it has to be done by the dealer then fair enough but for everyone else just because you can get it done for free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it yourselves.

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    not sure I want to keep running to the dealer to top up the Ad Blue

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    My mistake sorry my golf was serviced 10th October last year I went into dealer today and service reception confirmed it had a long life oil service at 19000 miles I’d forgot all about it

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