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    Our current car , a Seat Leon FR has a added option of adaptive cruise control. It’s made driving on motorways and longer journeys a lot easier as I don’t have to have my foot on the accelerator pedal pro prolonged periods of time it tracks the car i  front and maintains a safe distance.

    Does anyone know of any cars on the scheme which have this feature as standard or for a small added extra fee?

    I’ve not seen anything like this coming as standard, which is a shame considering it’s probably the number feature I’d like in a car.

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    I’m aware that there are a number of cars that have this gadget available, such as the new Seat León, Toyota CH-R, and VW Golf to name a few.

    Motability cars:

    2015 RR Evoque AWD 2.0 TD4 SE Tech - written off
    2017 Toyota CH-R 1.2T Dynamic CVT AWD - written off
    2019 BMW X2 2.0L Sport

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    The Mazda CX-30 (and by extension I would presume the Mazda 3 upon which it is based – possibly also the CX-5) have radar cruise control as standard accross all trim levels (even the base SE-L) – along with a surprising number of other neat features, such as a windscreen projected HUD.

    Ours will be arriving in a few weeks!

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    The golf does as standard I think. I can’t live without it especially city driving.

    Beware if you get on next car make sure it’s the radar one.  Made mistake on X1 as it’s camera based load of crap. Going up a hill in sunlight or straight road sun on camera won’t work same in the rain at times.

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    like wise no1 on my list of must haves on a car now.. it does come as standard on a few cars, but on alot it is part of a pack at quite a price. I think the leon fr 1st edition has it but not the normal fr and of course excellence trim. standard on pretty much all vws but not audi’s or skoda. the only way sometimes to see is to config a car online then look at the specs or the addons

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    got as standard in my tiguan SEL, handy little thing

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    Likewise, I have ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) on my current car & I wouldn’t ever be without it now as it’s a godsend when I need to rest my leg on longer journeys. I recently drove all the way from Shepton Mallet in Somerset to home just North of Portsmouth using ACC all the way – bar going through the centre of Salisbury.

    I’m due to change cars soon and have shortlisted 2 cars – both with ACC as standard – the Peugeot 208 GT Line and the Golf R-Line. Alas, another ‘must have’ for my dodgy legs, hips & lower back are heated seats. The Golf you can spec them on for £270 as a stand-alone option. The Peugeot doesn’t have them as an option – not unless you go for full leather at a cost of a whopping, eye-watering £1,400 !!!!!

    I think, therefore, that the winner is going to be the new Golf.

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    my 3  week old tiguan has it used it for the first time yesterday was great following a car and when that went faster or slowed down my did not like my old vauxhall mokka that  would just carry on at the same speed

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    I paid extra for it on mine and it’s absolutely useless, normal CC on the motorway allows you to get close enough to the car in front and then pull out to pass, this system starts to brake at about 350 yards from the vehicle in front so you have to pull out way early and when traffic is heavy it leaves such a big gap that other cars just pull into it in front of you and then the car brakes to maintain the huge gap, this continues until you’re doing 40mph in the outside lane, utterly utterly useless, the only way to avoid this and make any forward progress is to override the system with the throttle pedal thus negating the whole aspect of cruise control.

    The car comes with normal cruise as standard and with other cars from this manufacturer you can turn off adaptive in the settings and it reverts to standard CC, this function is missing from mine and as I can’t keep my foot on the pedal for long periods I am probably going to have to cancel my car.

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    I have ACC on my MG HS exclusive auto & I like it and it works well. Takes time to get the settings exactly right.

    I use sometimes but not all the time, as much as I love the tech – I prefer to be in control.

    I feel / fear , as much as i love tech, ACC and other tech can make people complacent.

    but it’s very clever tech

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    My Toyota Corolla has this as standard.

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    ACC It’s clearly keeping one safe and most cars cut-in regardless, one thing my golf did was when you indicated to change lanes and steers a little, it did not slow it down (some drivers don’t even indicate to change lane) On my current car don’t do that, so now i know i need to help it out or move out a liitle earlier.. New car also has cut-in protection and sometimes, (when i first got it) i think why you slowing down and then the car in the other lane pulls out or back in and 95% of the time it’s right as it knows it’s travelling faster than the car in front of it in the same same lane.

    Often i do think alot of people drive way to close to the car in front of them, than the braking distance needed, like the leave 2 chevrons markings and if that is the case then acc will seem excessive but when you get used to how it works alls good (imo anyways) after all it will speed up again when it’s clear without any input..

    It is also an aid so one needs to be alert and i must admit it decreases my rage at people as the car does most of it.. 140 miles to london and i only steer alot of the time.. plus using it in traffic jams and around town is awesome as well. You can overide it at anypoint as you would have to do using normal cc if you cannot move to the next lane, you’d have to dissengage it or decrease the set spped then increase it, acc does it all for you in a safe manner most of the time. it’s not totally 100% though, but know the boundries of how it can operate is key.

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    I’m well impressed with the acc and other features on the golf 8 not the best looking golf but when I’m driving I don’t see the bland looks. It is a level 2 autonomous vehicle so basically you can get in set acc and traffic jam assist and just steer it, it slows itself for bends speed limits and roundabouts had it three weeks now, still find myself hovering over the brakes just in case and all came as standard on the style model 2.0 tdi dsg

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    I used the Acc on the Tiguan all the time together with the intelligenct lights and main beam assist it makes driving day or night so much more relaxing.

    The first few times I used the main beam assist on unlit a and B roads it was a weird experience seeing the light patten changing on its own and not once was I ever flashed by an oncoming driver. So it obviously works well.

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    Exactly, I think though you do need to be able to feel what the car is doing and not everyone is comfortable using aids and it makes them panic abit.. So are put off using it from then on.. The look i get from sales people when i tell the how much i use it. it’s  like it’s not safe for that you better be careful.. System are different from maker to maker and car to car and i can tell when it’s braking or not braking enough.

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    It was std on the shazza (SE). Never use it.

    When it starts holding a brolly for me to get to the car in the rain, the door open for me and wakes me up when we’ve arrived, asks what time it’s required later and goes off to shine up the car in the meantime……. then I might start using it!

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    When you in agony, holding your foot down on a 140 mile plus journey then acc is a god send, when everytime you have to move your foot from the gas to the brake it causes you more pain then acc is priceless.

    Driving across europe was a breeze with acc..

    So how one can compare it to a butler i dunno. They’d hold your brolly, to open and close your door and take your car for a wash then you’d need a chauffeur as well.

    For some of us drivers with certain conditions, it a good thing to have and meens one doe not need many adaptions to drive and i don’t think it’s something to actually joke about on a forum like this..

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    Paul D

    Seat Ateca FR Sport

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    Seat Ateca FR Sport, does it have acc i thought only excellence/lux did

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    I think driving aids are getting a lot more common even on lower spec cars these days, slowly getting us all ready for the self driving cars of the near future. Won’t be long before all cars are auto and drive themselves,

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    My Ateca has it, and I hate it!!

    It’s fine for motorways but around town/B roads etc. mine is a pain!, if someone in front turns left it slams the brakes on, even though I’m not even close.  I don’t mean it slows down, it literally almost brings me to a full stop while still in 4th or 5th gear causing the engine to stall.  Approaching a roundabout with the car in front slowing or passing the odd car parked at the side of the road often triggers it to do the same.

    I’d prefer standard cruise control but you can’t have it, it’s either ACC or speed limiter which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard 🙂

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    No system is 100% perfect and it obviously thinks it could be a collision, when this situtaion happens, i know i need to resume control of the car or sometimes make the car and the radar point at an angle away from the obstruction. In the same way if a car was to cut infront. I often used to steer toward the car abit so the radar picks up the car.

    My civic has more safety systems than my golf did and the golf never used to pickup parked cars but the honda does so if you steering maybe towards it or in abit as the road is narrow it can happen, so i deactivate then resume acc when that situation is cleared.

    I do believe it is understanding the parameters it can work under that is the key and this is why fully self driving cars unless they have ai and have every parameter defined and every varible possible, they will not work..

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