Activating MPH digital speedo in display dash using Vag-Com/VCDS

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    Certain VW models have the annoying KPH display in the bottom part of your DIS / MFD and to change it to  a nice big Digital mph speedo you need a VAG-COM/VCDS  to change the codes and activate the digital speedo. I have asked a few VW dealers but none of them have heard about this. Here is a link to what I am talking about:


    VCDS How To – Activate Big Digital Speedo On MFD / DIS – MPH


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    Just change locale from uk to rest of the world then tick the alternative speed check box that appears on the MFD.

    Had it done on my Alhambra 3 years ago, took about 5 minutes.

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    Hi V, did you get it done by the SEAT main dealers?

    I think they could do it on their ODIS diagnostics but they said never heard of  it.

    I don’t have  locale from uk to rest of the world in my MFD.

    It’s a strange thing to leave out, I had no problem finding it on display in my Touran.

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    It has to be activated through VCDS, I got a local guy to do it for £20.

    The main dealer said it couldn’t be done, I took it back an hour later and showed the “technician” who said it wasn’t possible and he asked me what had been done so he could do it for his own car, shows how much main dealers really know.

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    I did find out that it was because the main speedo doesn’t have KMH on it so had to display speed in KMH on digital readout just in case you went abroard, the massive hole in this argument is if you do go somewhere it is needed it takes 2 seconds to untick it on the MFD so just a load of crap from VAG yet again. In my old Citroen it had a dedicated button on the dash to swap as it only has one digital speed readout and no dial.

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    Thank you so much V. I picked up the VW Sharan on Thursday and phoned the dealers on Friday and I got the same answer as you did 3 tears ago “it can’t be done”. He even kept me waiting on the phone so he could go into his demo Sharan and prove to himself it can’t be done. I informed him that what every VW owner with this dash knows it needs to be activated through a VAG-COM/VCDS cable and software which the dealerships have. Waste of time. Anyway I am going down the same route as you and find someone with a VCDS who knows what they are doing. Here is a link to VCDS users in the UK who can help.

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