Action Man for boys, Barbie for girls

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    Toys for boys, dolls for girls, gender stereotyping. Not naming your child “boy” or “girl” but “they” or “them” how do we deal with changing views on sexuality? Is there a right or wrong way to deal with this.

    A few years ago someone, can’t remember her name, wanted to ban pantomimes as they stereotype woman as princes in distress, as needing strong men to save them etc.

    Do these things matter or are there more important things to deal with?


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    I think not specifying your child’s gender is a bit extreme (aka ‘bloody daft’) and says a lot more about the parents than the child.

    I don’t think ‘gender appropriate’ toys lasted very long in my family.  With an older sister and and older brother (plus a baby brother) the toys and games were a bit of everything in my family.  I had a couple of dolls but played a lot of football and cricket with my 4 years older brother (he has psudo-achondroplasia so he was usually the goalie/bowler and I got to do all the running and ball retrievals from neighbouring gardens).   I don’t recall ever seeing my 6 years older sister ever play with any kind of ‘doll’ – she was into books and drawing/painting by the time I really noticed her.

    We had tons of Lego and Dad made loads of big wooden building blocks of various shapes an sizes – we’d build the Lego houses and brick forts, I’d populate them with model soldiers (meticulously painted by older brother) and then we’d blow the crap out of it all with the model Field gun (compressed air-powered with – alas – non-explosive ammo).   I think my Tressy doll (“Tressy the smaller, Sheena the taller – they are the dolls with the hair that grows”) went the way of many an Action Man during those conflicts.  Sheena ultimately lost her ‘life’ after a particularly hard landing, having been launched down the ‘Commando death slide’ Dad had rigged from the bedroom window . . .

    But I also played ‘Shop keeper’ with my very ‘girly’ best friend, and when we weren’t falling out of trees, paddling in the brook or roaming the countryside with my aunty’s dog Toby, we’d mess around with make-up and hair styles and ‘Dressing up’.

    Great days!  😀



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    I’ll be honest, i’ve got no idea.

    I know that i don’t really care about gender identities, if someone asks me nicely to use “they/them” or something else weird (i’m old fashioned), i’ll do it with the caveat that if i at some point forget or not entirely focussed on that issue, they don’t get furious.

    If someone demands something of me “they” can jog right on. It reminds me of one of my favourite sentences of Lethal Weapon I. I’m too old for this shit. If they wanna be weird, be weird. I’ve been weird in my youth, but i didn’t expect the world to change around me. I will accommodate the weirdness (if asked nicely), but if you’re going to be a douchebag about it, nah. They’ll outlive me, so eventually the problem solves itself with the latest generation being “woke af”.

    No need for me to bend over backwards for a Tic Toc teen still slimy behind the ears. I know i’ll get some hate for that, but that’s where i stand and that’s how it’s going to go for me.

    I’ll not go up to a child and tell him that it’s “gay” to play with dolls or something – i do agree that old fashioned “gender roles” are idiotic. Some of the best mechanics i’ve met in my lifetime were female, and played with cars etc at young age. That’s entirely okay. Since there’s two issues mixed here in this topic (gender roles and gender identity), there really isn’t a simple answer to it.

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    “It reminds me of one of my favourite sentences of Lethal Weapon I. I’m too old for this shit. ”

    Ha!  Muttaugh.  I haven’t seen it in years but that film had some great lines.  I remember Riggs climbing out of a swimming pool muttering “Ix-nay on the illing-k”.

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    Yes, there are more important things, but not for some individuals, and for them:

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    I’m an 80s man, what can i say. Many of my “favourite movie quotes” are from that era.

    Yippie ki yay.

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    I love lethal weapon. One of my favourite films of all time!

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