A large cloud looms over the U.K. after it exits from the European Union

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    Yawn! Was that site written by a 10 year old?

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    Hi Fred, don’t think I’ve seen any posts from you previously but your contribution is welcome as are you.

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    Mike 700

    Brexiteers should ask the following questions – ‘why do remainers want to stay’?, ‘what is in it for them?, ‘ is it just better the devil you know’, or lazyness or complacency’?, do they think ‘that Foreign parliamentarians and law makers are somehow superior to our own’?, or ‘ are they receiving disproportionate subsidies from the EU’ or even from the U.K. , ( which will be paid for by the U.K. Taxpayer anyway, and without reference to said taxpayer ) or is it really ‘that they like the free movement and open borders, which is increasingly a policy seen to be failing, or do they just not understand the potential consequences of open borders these days ?

    We already know the answer from these particular companies – profits !

    There are some people, including company directors and Chief Executives, who simply cannot imagine life outside of the EU, but ironically have never experienced it and who’s opinions therefore are , frankly, not as valid as those of people who have experienced life before the EU was imposed on the Country by stealth?

    There are those who cannot imagine life without mobile phones or laptops/tablets or cars without all the present day ‘mod cons’, but there are those who don’t have to use any imagination- they lived these lives, and the majority with this experience voted to leave, which surely answers most questions put by remainers!

    I voted to join the ‘Common Market’ and also to remain, despite the fact that I had never been given the opportunity to vote on membership of the EU & certainly not for any party political reasons, but increasingly see the folly in the way I voted, and can see huge benefits of ‘ having our country back’ and being
    able to make our own decisions again!

    Overburdened with more bad & poor than good legislation, unable to build the houses we need, or run our own economy, or deport illegals etc., that is no road to success!

    If a business was run like the EU, it would undoubtedly fail, yet the EU survives ( bumps along anyway ) because we, and several other first division countries throw money at it, money which perhaps could be better spent in the UK.

    Having said all of that, there have been a number of good things coming from the EU, and some people will undoubtedly be worse off if we leave , but we could use the savings from not being a member to assist those in need, during

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    Very good post Mike, one of the biggest factors for those voting leave was for the £££££’s we throw in to the EU, along with the immigration.

    I would have prefered and voted remain, as for me it’s Better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t), there will be another cash cow the money will be thrown at when we leave for sure.

    One thing for sure, the politicians will look after themselves, the benefits they had from us being in the EU they will find elsewhere, and us common folk will only find things more expensive.


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    Top academic admits that his prediction Brexit would see British universities plunge in international rankings was just ‘plucked out of the air’



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    Dutch dig in heels, rise in EU budget is ‘not acceptable’ says prime minister.

    ‘Brexit is already set to hit the Netherlands’ economy hard. This proposal imposes a disproportionately high bill on top of that,’ Rutte said. In addition, the compensation for major net payers is being phased out, and this is something the Netherlands therefore ‘rejects,’ the prime minister said.


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