54% price rise you doing anything to cut usage

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    with house energy prices up from April are you doing anything different. not having heating on as much , turning lights of

    are you just not using your heating siting in the cold to save money

    or is the price increase just not changed anything  for you except having to pay more

    is there any help

    if you have any good ideas it might help others

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    I have a spare quilt/duvet I am using in an evening whilst watching TV. I have recently had an hole in the wall electric fire which I use the flame only effect to mimic a bit of warmth and only turn the heating on low if the weather gets really cold like it did over the  weekend. In the day I use a thick dressing gown if needed.

    I could weather the 54% increase, but acting cautiously now as the October price cap might be another storey.

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    Well, we “fixed” a few holes in the walls, as in, tried to insulate windows/doors etc better. Put “fur-seals” around the doorframe and window frames, refreshed the brushes in the mail slot in the door – those kinda things, to prevent draft.

    Other than that, not much. We replaced our kettle with an Aqua Optima hot water dispenser, but that’s about it. Not much else we can do since we already weren’t that wasteful. Probably gonna use our tumble less (despite being a heat pump), and more air dry clothes.


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    54% represents the average price cap increase across all tariffs.

    Living in rural Cornwall,  away from the gas grid we have Night store heaters  ( new efficient thermostatic window aware etc German). Before the increase the tariff was 7.56p/kWh.

    It is  now over 17.5p/kWh,  an increase of 132%.

    80% of our electricity use is heating. With a possible 32% cap increase in the autumn,  heating 4 nsh will be almost  £560/month. Without lights,  cooking etc.

    54%? Yes please

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    Using candles to cook rice and pasta.

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    Well the difference we made was the car now I know this is off topic section but our energy bill now incorporates the car so gives us £200 per month toward energy so before the increases we spent £55 per month on electric and £200 per month on diesel then with car that went up to £85 on electric £0 on diesel this will increase in September to £150 on electric £0 on diesel. There will then be another increase in October that will affect us the following September. So it looks like we are riding the storm courtesy of the car

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