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    Is there one? If not, what are the chances of us getting one? I’ve been due to renew for about a year and keep putting it off just because I don’t want that remorse and regret of getting a diesel 3008 only for a lovely new electric car to come out. An ID3 would be lovely as would an e-Niro but are these realistic or should I just bite the bullet and order my Peugeot?

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    Maybe next cycle Chris.  In 3 years diesel will be out, more EV’s will replace them and the manufacturers will be on full song producing them. The ID3 is another belter, designed as an EV from the outset.  Interesting times.

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    Why do you need a 300 mile range EV? What sort of daily, weekly, annual mileage are you doing?

    Isn’t the current 200+ mile range that’s available now good enough?

    I’ve had a 24 kWh Leaf and now got a 30 kWh Leaf and going today (Sunday) to look at the 40, I’m doing almost 20k a year, this week I done Glasgow to Blackpool and back in one day… thats a 400 mile trip.

    I too was wishing the e-Niro or Kona would be available on the scheme and I had extended my lease for 2 years in the hope of getting one but have decided I don’t need the extra range, instead I need adaptive cruise control more, beside my bladder doesn’t have a 250 mile range so I’d have to stop for a break anyway 🤷‍♂️

    Go look at the current (get it? 😂) EV’s available and try one 👍


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    I regularly have to do drives of 160-240 mile round trips, and I’m looking ahead to winter when I’ll need heating on etc. Would like to stop as few times as possible. I would also like an SUV sized car that does that as I’m 6ft 5 with bad knees!

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    Menorca Mike

    Same here Chris I drive to relations on coast round trip of 250 miles so need 300 range to cover that

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    Are there currently any EV’s out there that can actually do a full 300 miles on one charge? I know there’s a few that can manage 250-280 ish but I can only think of Tesla that goes over 300 and then it’s the long range Tesla’s which are pretty expensive and over the caps for power and price.
    I’m not sure if we’ll see the e-Niro or Kona, maybe. I’m excited to see the id3 but if that joined the scheme I think it would be the shortest range one which is no good for you in terms of range. If you’re hoping for a Tesla model 3 long range then I’d just go ahead and get the 3008 as I can’t ever see that coming onto the scheme never mind in the next 3 years

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    Menorca Mike

    Just saw on honest John real mpg that Citroen cactus diesel automatic does 62 mpg with £795 advance payment a hidden gem ?

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    Mike, Its recently come down from £1295 for the auto. The reason would appear that its stock cars only as its being replaced with a new C4. I did make an enquiry and there are a few petrol autos for NIL AP still around but few and far between with the diesel.

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    A few of the usual comments about how an EV isn’t any use to me cause….  blah blah blah….  rather than how could I make it work.

    If a 300 mile range EV appeared next week then people would be on saying they need 400 miles 🤷‍♂️

    I’d say just go ahead and order a diesel now cause no EV is going to be good enough to fulfill all your requirements 😢

    As for me I enjoyed the test drive today and think I’m going to order the Leaf 40 this week, I would have ordered it today but the garage wasn’t offering any discount or deals so I walked away (not in a huff threatening never to return 🤫) and I’ll spend Monday or Tuesday phoning round to see if I can get a deal… 🤞

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    I’m really hoping EV’s make a bit of a leap in the next few years. We have a diesel on order now, and it could well be our last ICE car if there is more of a choice next time.
    And yes, I’d want 300 miles range, followed by a very short charging time.

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    Most people are having range anxiety  with EV’s before they have bought them…lol.

    Just reset your trip and see how many miles you do in a week. Then make your mind up. Most people will be charging their EV once a week unless they are high milers.

    The biggest problem with EV’s are the public charging points, unfortunately the Govt have left the installation of them to private enterprise. The Govt should have taken the lead on building chargers, to ensure an excess capacity of chargers and entice the public to buy an EV.
    Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Kw charger installed at their property. But it is the future.

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    very few people need hundreds of miles for a single trip on a daily basis, long trips for holidays etc can be broken down into segments and a half hour break somewhere is normal. you can get a decent charge in 30-45 minutes. most service stations now have charging points.

    all it will take in most cases is an adjustment in thinking  if the ap’s become reasonable and theres an option i can get in/out of my next car will be electric.

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    EVs far too expensive at the moment. No use to us because we have no off street parking and very few local charging points.

    I hate to think how long our journey to Spain would take.

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    It’s personal choice, like me deciding to hit the sport mode button, which i know will cost me more money. Like i care but on a bev that means less range and for some that is an issue. That is ok also..

    As it also is to wanna stop every so often and/or be forced to stop to charge your car for 30 mins like you on a tacho break or something. Legally you can drive a hgv for 4.5 hours but then you must take 45 mins rest.

    I deffo would not consider one until the ranges are higher as what it offers right now is less options for some, than they need. If it works for you then thats ok but don’t be like the usual haters are here putting ev’s down it’s a fact.

    So the answer is

    Not right now!

    There ain’t a 300 mile range EV on Motability. Are some good options for most and things should get better in the hybrid sence but for some an bev just ain’t cutting it right now. Especially if you live outside a large city or town and don’t have a driveway it’s a big problem and after all some of us have other issues as well not just motability problems.



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    I’d certainly consider an EV of some sort but there are things that I’d need to be able to do that.

    1. Have a charging point at home, at present with only on street parking the only way would be to convert our small front garden into a hard standing, not sure if my housing association would let me!

    2. There are no charge points anywhere I usually drive so I would have to rely on home charging with a minimum range of say 200 miles to ensure not running out of charge on my main long journey (about 5-9 times a year) which is about 120 miles round trip.  This is through rural Northumberland, not a hospitable place in the Winter months and no charging points on the route or at the destination (MOD camp in the middle of nowhere!).

    3. My other long distance trip would be Mancheter, about 145 miles each way but only once or twice a year.  Motorway services or the hotel overnight would be the obvious answer.

    4. Size, it would have to be a mid-size SUV like a Tiguan, CR-V, Ateca etc. as I’m 6’5″ and a bit with poor mobility and very poor bendability!.

    There's room for all God's creatures, right next to the mash and gravy 🙂

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    Hi I think the range of evs will be fine for most already for day to day use but for long  trips ie holiday and  far away friends and family  you still need a better public  charging system.

    However  I’ve taken a  chance and have ordered  an ev in February 2020  unfortunately  I’m still waiting  for it to materialise  now nearly  in October.  So am still  unable to  see how well things work out .

    Happy  motoring

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    A few of the usual comments about how an EV isn’t any use to me cause….  blah blah blah….  rather than how could I make it work…..I know how about a couple of Nissan leafs tethered together, cut the roofs off for extra head room needed to fit raised seats and and a few bungies for the scooter and wife’s chair strapped to the side  and a hoist bolted to the roof.

    That might work for us. 😂

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    Menorca Mike

    Mike what make of car is that ?

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    The kia soul has come on the scheme which has a usable 64kh battery and a range of 280 miles. Normal driving bloggers have achieved over 300 miles per charge!!  Even on pure motorway driving you can expect about 240 miles.

    Surely if you have a longer journey which is more than 240 miles, then surely all you need to do is stop at a fast charge station and fill up on electric…. 40 mins for an 80% charge, time for a pit stop, a bite to eat and a bladder empty!!   I personally have never driven over 200 miles straight in one go without a stop!!

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    Menorca Mike

    Carl is the Kia Soul automatic ?

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    Menorca Mike.   Yes it is automatic, infact all Electric vehicles are automatic.

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    Think of most EVs not even having a clutch, you simply press the accelerator & the motor turns the wheels, there’s no clunking, no power loss whilst it decides what ratio to try next, & there’s no power band, it’s simply maximum torque from zero mph to whatever the limit the manufacturer has put on it to preserve range.

    The other side of acceleration is the braking, yes there are physical brakes, but before the physical brakes cut in the motor will harvest energy from the momentum putting some back into the battery. Some EVs will feel like they have “normal” engine braking (PSA group EVs), some have a one pedal feel so if you take the foot off the accelerator the car will come to a stop, there are physical brakes but they are used very little.



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    Additionally, the kia soul has a heat pump for heating the car and air con, this uses kenetic energy produced by the electric motor to heat the vehicle, so there is no loss of range like other electric vehicles on the scheme.   This is particularly beneficial in winter months as an EV without this heat pump technology can lose 30% of it range whilst using their heaters.

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    Kia Soul is my next car if only someone can cast some sort of wizardry and make it stay on the scheme without increasing in price until January that is lol

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Stuart it would be a great choice for an EV.  Exceptional range and fully loaded.

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    My fingers firmly on the trigger Carl only wish  could order now instead of January.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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