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    Hi just been on phone to motability to ask why another stream of the better class of car have been removed from the scheme.!!!! As for a CAP there isn’t one, or if there is one it is less than £28,000 for manual. Because I wanted the 1.6 Mercedes-Benz  amg coupe..advanced payment of £1,799…which has been removed? Given that exact same car direct from Mercedes-Benz comes in under the £28,000 because we don’t pay the VAT.!!!! it comes too £24,650.????? Go figure talk about being treated like a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN.!!!!!! but even with the vat and the extra cost for alloys and extra cost for metallic paint it still only comes too £28,535..so where did they dig up advanced payment of £1,799.??? So I ask is there really a price cap of £28,000 I don’t think so but I’m sure they will have covered there backs in the small print somewhere..I would like to know who the hell is fighting for our rights to be treated the same as normal people…..OUTRAGEOUS.!!!


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    I have just found this with the AMG line – it is still showing on the motobility search, but the dealers swear blind they are not doing it any longer. There is a motobility ref number etc. But that’s them publishing the list on a Saturday.

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    I would be quite happy to pay a decent AP for a premium SUV automatic with the gadgets and performance I need. Unfortunately I am having to leave the motability scheme as I don’t now have the choice I need at a fair price.
    I suspect I will not be the only one leaving motability.

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    I totally agree but guess what that’s exactly what the government want.!!! They are hoping by crucifying us to oblivion that many of us do leave the scheme, and then they will have a quiet chuckle amongst themselves patting one another on the back saying GREAT JOB….OBJECTIVE ACCOMPLISHED.!!

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    The government do not own or run Motability, it is owned by the big four banks.

    Motability was running profitably as a company up until the time the cap was introduced, so the introduction of a cap was not down to prior necessity, but rather to preempt the effect of future trading conditions. I don’t believe that arbitrary price capping was a sensible imposition for the scheme’s future profitability, but I acknowledge that Motability have some challenges to face.

    We can assume that both PIP and Brexit contributed to the arbitrary top price “cap” being introduced, and we also know that the department of works and pensions have begun to talk to Motability about broadening the provisions of the scheme to perhaps include lower level PIP recipients at some future stage.

    However we have to be careful about using the “government lie” headline, because Motability is an autonomous organisation. Motability would argue that they are still providing a suitable choice of vehicles across the scheme spectrum, even though they have clearly removed the more premium choices.

    We also have to remember that posters on this site do not represent the views of 100% of Motability clients, a large number of who are looking for nil advance payments, and every day transport. Some of us on here (including me) are “car nuts” who consider a car almost as a member of the family instead of just transport. I suspect that is why the cull has annoyed us so much.


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    well said pops .


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    Well said pops. Hopefully all the brexit and pip will begin to settle now. Allowing a little more freedom

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    However if we take and well we have no choice but to except the CAP then surely it should be £33,600 for manual and £35,400 for automatic. Given that we don’t pay VAT for the vehicle? But the VAT is included on the scheme why. Given motabilities sole purpose as a disabled charity is to allow the most vulnerable in society to live some sort of normal life. it’s like someone urinating on your leg and telling you it’s RAINING.!!!!

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