1 months lease extension until November

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    I asked motability for another lease extension  on my 65 plate they said they can only extended it until 15 november because i had one when i changed over from dla to pip , i thought they would have given me 6 months, they said I need to place an order by 15 november , so i dont know what to do i dont want to rush into car

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    Not to sound rude but why do you need over a month to decide? You had the time before the first extension to decide what to get if you get awarded pip.

    What are you looking for?

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    i take for ever to pick a car years ago i rushed in and gat a nil deposit astra and hated for the three years ,, Iv got volvo xc60 looking for something like that definatly awd/4×4 .


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    Theres also an argument that the more time you’ve got, the more time you’ll take.

    Perhaps a deadline will focus the mind?

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    thats a fair point Macca

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    Whats your budget?


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    Manual or Auto?

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    iv always had manual but i fancy trying auto to make it easier

    budget i dont know i usually see a car that suits and i like then i try n save the AP.

    Im looking at

    BMW X1 Xdrive (thats 4 wheel drive  i think )

    Mercedes C class estate (if i can get   4 wheel drive )

    Mercedes CLA (if i can get   4 wheel drive )

    Mitsubishi Outlander

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    volvo xc40


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    Just be mindful yhat if you’ve run an XC60 for a good while then anything significantly smaller will feel really odd. You get used to having a lot of metal around you, as well as the sear height.

    I switched to auto 3 years back out of neccessity, and within days wondered why i’d driven manuals for so long. I’ll never go back now.

    Perhaps the Xtrail could be an option?


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    If you are looking for front wheel drive petrol then look at Suzuki s-cross or vitara. Both at NIL AP. They also do a part time four wheel drive

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    iv always had big cars over the last few years  vw sharan, then 2 ford galaxys , fords S max then volvo xc60  i got the xc60 because here where i stay the winter snow is usually very  bad  so went for the 4×4 because we stay at the bottom of a hill which with out 4×4 you cant get out

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    Or Seat Ateca 2.0 Tdi FR Sport 4drive DSG  … £1599

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    Or if you’re really jammy, Subaru will make it back onto the scheme, and you’d have the option of the XV or better still the Forester

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    Or if you’ve 3 grand to burn CX5 2.2d Sport Nav+ 4wd Auto

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    carl barker

    have you look at the niro


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    i had a test drive of the niro its nice is it 4×4


    is Subaru coming on

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    Well in regards to Subaru the manufacturer is doing all they can to get on, but motability is the blocker just now, so we’ll just have to see

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>New Forester and XV are self charging petrol hybrids with permanent AWD and CVT boxes. Would be a great addition for sure.</p>

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    just looked at subaru it does look nice i do like it why do we sorry i always like cars thats not available

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    Yet …..

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    I think you might love an auto. I used to think manual was the be all and end all but changed to auto a number of years ago. Not had a manual since. (~15 years). In town driving they’re a Godsend. No more hurting left leg due to clutch pressing.

    Also, if you have any issues with your back then the X1 is brilliant for entry/exit. Because of the Mercedes’ roofline you may struggle getting in. My wife has a GLA (similar roofline) and I really struggle.

    Good luck ?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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