1.5 Tiguan RLine Tech due on scheme next quarter.

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    The VW motability specialist tells me the RLine 1.5 petrol DSG automatic will return to the scheme in the new RLine Tech guise next month.

    It gains over the old RLine, 360 degrer camera, self parking, keyless entry and electric rear boot lid auto opening.

    The price apparently will be the same as the old version at £1599 AP.

    Diesel RLine Techs are already on the scheme.

    He said the 1.5 engine issue they had is sorted which is why it was kept if off this quarter.

    Will order mine next month.




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    Hmmm, lot of car for the wedge.

    Might be worth waiting it out to see for sure that the 1.5 issues are indeed sorted, but if they are and 4wd and leather are not required then it would definitely be worth a closer look

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    Just ordered the match model, was hesitant incase a new r line was added to the scheme , sadly if the figure is right it’s still out my price range . Max I would be willing to go is £1000

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    The Tiguan is near, if not top, of my wish list but the thing for me is that there’s just no was I’d get a low CC petrol engine. The push to get us into these small engined cars as a stop gap whilst EV’s are sorted (a subject which I have strong views about) is a real poor show. The economy of these cars is ridiculous compared to diesel. My wife got a good deal on a GLA, 1.6 and tbh I didn’t want it but she loved the look. We struggle to get over 33 MPG out of it but mine, a 2.0 diesel X1, returns 56+ regularly. Same driving, same conditions.

    Im sticking with diesel until I’m forced away from it.

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Just to put this into context, if we are kind to the gap I quoted above and assume a yearly mileage is 10,000 miles then:

    – A petrol engine returning 34mpg vs a Diesel engine returning 54mpg.

    – Both fuels are £1.28 per litre in my area (best for a long time ?)

    – The petrol engine would use 1,341 litres in the year

    – The Diesel engine will use 841.

    – So the delta within the year will be £640 in favour of diesel.

    It’s an eye opener isn’t it?

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    That’s a mighty difference to the pocket isn’t it!

    My good friend who isn’t on the scheme so won’t ever read this has a GLA 220 Amg, 4matic auto, night pack, lots of options etc

    When I first saw it in the show room I was like, that’s a very nice looking car! That was nearly 4 years ago and now I can’t stand it lol, I hate the look, I hate how it drives, the restricted view out the windows and its back to the garaged about 10 times with faults over those 4 years ?

    It goes back at the end of the month, and she collects her Tig R Line tech in a few weeks

    Like your good self I’ll be sticking to Diesel until I’m forced out of one, or if I win the lotto jackpot tonight lol

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    I meant to add my friend loves her GLA, but that’s wummin for you lol

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