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    Note to ALL users:

    Due to chip shortages, manufacturers are REMOVING items that were “Standard”, depending on trim level, with some removing the following:

    • Electric Front Seats, Seats with Massage function
    • Electric Tailgates

    IF the above might cause issues with your outstanding order, contact your dealer urgently to confirm.
    Dealers aren’t under any obligation to inform you of the above, it’s all documented in the small print, but it would be a nightmare to turn up on delivery day in-need of heated seats, for example, only to discover they are no longer included as a standard feature on that spec.

    Peugeot have so far removed items from the GT Premium model of the 5008 whilst Mercedes have made changes to the Shooting Brake. 👍

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    Trouble is the things being removed is like the want list for your average disabled driver

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    I know. This is why I’m trying to get it out there before people take delivery!
    I can’t post on any FB groups due to their outrageous Community Standards, so thought to post on here.

    I can foresee a few fallouts come delivery day for some.

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    Lee Bengough

    On a new CItroën C4 page one member from Mainland Europe was saying they could have their car sooner if they were a willing to have it without keyless entry or wait until the end of the year due to the chip shortage.

    wouldn’t be surprised if they will do the same to UK spec cars at this rate

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    Once removed, I bet they don’t come back as standard equipments.

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    Indeed. They did it with the Citroen C5 Aircross when it first came out, used to come with everything then, after 6 weeks they took everything off and charged them as extras. 🤷‍♂️

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    I am due to order a car at the end of the month as a wheelchair user an electric tailgate really is a must have!

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    Where did you read this, VictorOne?  Surely once the Order has been placed/accepted, both sides are locked into a legally binding Contract.  You have ordered a car that has this, this and this as ‘Standard’ – they can’t change the details without at least some notification to the ‘buyer’.

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    Glos Guy

    Where did you read this, VictorOne? Surely once the Order has been placed/accepted, both sides are locked into a legally binding Contract. You have ordered a car that has this, this and this as ‘Standard’ – they can’t change the details without at least some notification to the ‘buyer’.

    I wouldn’t worry Georgie. I just can’t see a situation where equipment would be removed without any notification to the customer (and an option to cancel), regardless of what the small print might say. However, as Motability customers, we only accept the car when we enter the PIN so in the highly unlikely event that something was missing we can simply reject the car.

    The chip shortage affected my BMW order in that the Harman/kardon option had to be removed. The dealer contacted me to advise and gave me the option to cancel.

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    I believe that once an order is placed, the dealerships and manufacturers can do what they like, at least that’s the impression I’ve been given.

    Last August I ordered an Astra Sports Tourer that eventually took nine months to arrive and not the three promised. During that time, a number of what I felt to be key items had been downgraded from the model displayed in the showroom. The car even turning up with no parking sensors. These were added a few weeks later but were poor in comparison the factory fitted ones.

    After complaining to both the Vauxhall and the dealership and basically getting nowhere I called Motability who kindly offered to let me return the car early and were really helpful. I’ve now changed manufacturers and the whole process has gone someway to helping restore my trust in dealerships.

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    Glos Guy

    FiestaRed – I recall your problems with the Astra but, as a general point, you can never assume that everything on a car in a showroom is standard equipment. Dealers  almost always add loads of optional extras to cars that they have in their showrooms, in the hope that people will add them to their order and to make the car more desirable when they sell it. Sadly, even the sales people are often unaware of what the standard kit is and make assumptions that are incorrect. I always go off the specification guides and price lists (on manufacturer websites) as these are usually the only accurate way to be sure what is included and what isn’t. Of course, just to confuse matters, over a 9 month period there can be model revisions!

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    I have only lost auto tailgate gate, advanced sound system to standard,not alot of difference,just 2 speakers, can still charge phone but need plug in, not a worry. Mercedes CLA shootingbreak 180 PREM plus ,with driver assistance pack, red, red/black leather seats,ordered before removed from motability list ,dealer good keeps me informed.

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